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Betty W. Phillips, Ph.D., Psychology

Dr. Betty Phillips

Welcome to my web site.

This web site will provide you with information about my professional services and office locations. I am a clinical psychologist and life coach with more than 30 years of experience in providing services to my clients. I offer a free initial consultation for you to get to know me. The articles I wrote in the Reading Room and Advice Line will provide you with helpful information you can use in your own life or in counseling sessions with me. My Forest Garden office is convenient to Chapel Hill and Chatham County.
The services I offer are listed below. You will see that from this list and the articles that I am a very experienced therapist and life coach, able to work with you to provide individualized treatment in your areas of concern.  You'll also find my Forest Garden office unique and delightful. The office is relaxing and beautiful, full of light and flowers. You can walk through or sit in the garden and forest areas, looking at the ponds and listening to the birds. Before or after your session you can walk on the path through the forest and down to the creek.

You can e-mail or call me to request services. If you want an introduction and a preview of my services, please ask for "a free initial consultation."
Most people are concerned about payment issues for therapy or life coaching. My goal is to be helpful to prospective clients to assist them in making important decisions involved in choosing these services.  This page includes information about insurance which can be used to pay for sessions.  Please also consult the section  listed above entitled "Affordable Therapy or Life Coaching" for more information about this issue.

Forest Garden Office

Call to find out if I offer services that may be helpful to you. Please check to find out if I am taking new clients. Services include assistance in: Life Improvement; Happiness and Optimism; Coping with Life Crises; Supportive Counseling; Spiritual Development.  Specific issues/services include:

*Adjustment Disorders
*Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
*Adult Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
*Anger Management
*Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks
*Caregiving-Final Days
*Child Custody Consultation
*Couples Counseling
*Death, Dying and Afterlife 
*Dissociative Identity Disorder
*Divorce, Separation
*Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse
*Family Counseling
*Forgiveness/Grievance Therapy
*Gay and Lesbian Issues(GLBTQ)
*Grief and Bereavement
*Illness and Cancer
*Marriage Counseling
*Near-Death Experiences
*Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
*Parent Coordination Consultations
*Postpartum Depression
*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
*Relationship Counseling
*Sleep Disorders
*Single Parenting/Step-Parenting
*Stress Management
*Trauma, including Sexual Assault

I will work with you to make services accessible and affordable. I schedule sessions in a flexible manner. I participate in a variety of health insurance programs and I file insurance forms for your convenience. 

My therapy style can be described as cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal. Most important, we will plan the sessions together according to your current needs and goals. I work with adults and senior adults. Although I  provide consultation services based upon my years of experience as a family, adolescent and child therapist,  I am NOT accepting children or adolescents for individual therapy.
HOURS OF OPERATION:  I offer therapy appointments 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please call for availability of the time you prefer.  Also inquire whether I am taking new clients. I am  taking some new clients but I am also semi-retired.

To hear an interview about my services and Forest Garden you can click on the following:


The interview will download in a minute or so.  It was recorded by the interviewer Jose-Drost Lopez for Psych Talk radio in February 2012.

Please look over my website.  You may be interested in looking at the page about my new "office staff," especially if you like animals.

Option in good weather: Session by the creek
Walking trail or see Psych-mobile page

Date Site Published 5-25-05, Updated 7-1-18
This website contains over 200 original articles.  The most recent articles are contained in the Advice Line section.  As I wrote all these articles, I give everyone permission to copy any of the articles.  Happy reading!

I file insurance for my clients who need only to pay copays and/or deductibles if required by their insurance company. I have been a preferred provider for many years with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Beacon (formerly Value Options) , Aetna, MHN (Mental Health Network) 





Due to the many heartbreaking problems manifesting in our world these daysI have provided a link to classic prayer meditations for peace in the world

I would also like to thank a Chatham Chatlist reader who provided me with the following suggested prayer:  Hope keeps our dreams alive.  Love connects us, one heart to another.  God gives us this wonderful gift we call life. All things work together for good to them that love God. Romans 8:28

Prayers for Peace

Open the door to self improvement with articles in the Reading Room and Advice Line

Betty W Phillips, Ph.D.

EMAIL:  BettyPhillips@BellSouth.net 

Telephone 919-967-1860

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