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THRIVE: The World is Waking Up

                             THRIVE: THE WORLD IS WAKING UP  


 We all want to thrive and live in happiness and joy, not overwhelm and stress as we are feeling nowadays.  When you look through the articles on my website in this Reading Room section and in the Advice Line section, you will find information about the options we can choose to thrive individually by reducing stress and living a happiness lifestyle. But something is going wrong and the world seems to be darker and full of conflict and turmoil. The media is full of bad news and the world seems to be going nowhere good in a handbasket.

 Seers tell us that the problems are temporary, that people are just becoming more aware of the horrendous issues facing our society as well as the entire world. They tell us that the unusual weather and natural cataclysms are due to Mother Nature’s response to our degradation of our natural resources.  The message is that we cannot clean up the garbage in our world unless we really understand our problems and join together to create a better life for ourselves and others. I've written about the true joy and happiness you will find in empathy and compassion for others. Many seers go further and say that we are all connected within one humanity and source field:  we will survive and thrive together. 

So I want you to check out a website called and, if you're so inclined, also view the DVD about this topic.  You can start with the Fact Check section of the website where you will find meticulous reporting of pertinent ancient history and the many problems which have come together to imperil our future. Watching the DVD brings all this information to light and it's important to realize that the research has been carefully completed and recorded.  The problem is summed up as "follow the money" and "global domination agenda."  You must realize that this is only half of the report and the DVD and inspiring call to action present us with the solutions which are beginning to be implemented.  Don't do what I did, which is look at the DVD without realizing the solutions follow the description of the problem. I was horrified and bummed out by the beginning of the DVD, but then pleasantly surprised and finally exhilarated about the big picture of the world community coming together and finally beginning to thrive together.  If you think about it, there really are enough natural resources in this world for all people and animals to live together thriving in peace, happiness and abundance. I was particularly excited by the viable concept of natural energy or free energy which will enable us to stop the economic and political domination of the interconnected corporate world. There is no reason why the top 1% needs to control over 90% of the world’s resources. You've heard that the economy is improving. Recently, however, the TV news reported that the top 1% actually gained 93% of the new economic resources with the rest of us sharing a miserly 7%!  Not an improvement for you and me. There are other influences in the world today. The ancient prophecies which are said to begin to be fulfilled December 21, 2012 actually foresee the start of a thriving world and natural new order, not death and destruction for mankind and the planet.


Please do keep reading my articles and consulting all the wonderful self-help books on the market to improve our lives individually and for our families.  Also, on the royal road to success, join the Thrive movement and join hands with the rest of humanity to move into a new world of abundance and prosperity for all.