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Peaceful Restorative Sleep: Additional Information



I have been requested to provide additional information about sleep improvement techniques which I am including in this article. These days people are experiencing increasing levels of stress which result in sleep disruptions and subsequent difficulties in many areas of their lives. I'm also taking this opportunity to reference and connect all the articles about sleep improvement in various sections of this website.


You can find the main articles about sleep improvement, "Sleep for Health" and "Sleep for Health, Part II" in this Reading Room section of this website.  These articles underline the importance of sleep for your health and in fact for the overall quality of your life. Everyone, adults as well as children, need sleep routines to guide and structure the many choices necessary to improve sleep. You will see the importance of 24 hour per day planning, not just the minutes before you hop into bed.


The articles describe the importance of light-dark cycles for sleep. Melatonin is mentioned in the articles as a supplement sometimes useful for adult sleep. Melatonin is actually the sleep hormone which regulates and controls sleep dependent upon the light which enters your eyes and travels to your brain. Natural light in the morning is a crucial prerequisite for the control of your wake-sleep cycle. The blue light spectrum in the morning sun facilitates your alertness during the day, while the absence of blue light in the evening will increase your melatonin and readiness for sleep. You will want to know additional information about this topic which can be found in the article "Light Up Your Life" also in the Reading Room. This article describes the importance of full spectrum natural light which is available outdoors but not under our current incandescent indoor lights. It is advised that you purchase full-spectrum natural lights in order to provide this important healthy alternative indoors. Standards for purchase of these full-spectrum lights are included in the article. Also included is information about glasses which block blue light while allowing you to function at night in your house with normal illumination levels. You can find purchase information about these glasses on the Internet under the topic of "low blue light glasses."


The articles mention the importance of keeping your clocks away from your bed at night. Articles in the Advice Line section provide additional information about the deleterious and in fact dangerous effects of electromagnetic frequencies on your body and brain at night. Aware of the importance of this issue and the scarcity of appropriate information about this topic, I researched this issue in detail. The articles, "Is there a Stress Monster lurking in your house? Bedroom? Kitchen?" and follow-up article "The Rest of the Electromagnetic Story", describe the importance of an EMF free area in your bedroom during the night. Earthing is an important antidote to EMF problems which actually improve sleep at night. You can find additional information about this topic in another article in the Advice Line section, "BREAKING NEWS: Mother Earth Defeats the Stress Monster."


Mentioned in the article is the problem with sleeping pills. Your doctor may whip out a prescription pad and gave you a prescription for a sleeping pill which appears to be a quick convenient approach to a good nights sleep. However, pharmaceutical companies have not been forthcoming with information about the problems with these pills and in fact their very limited effectiveness in actually improving quality sleep. Studies show that sleep time is extended about 12 minutes while the hypnagogic affects of the medications blur your memory of actual restlessness. More information is included in the Advice Line article "The Stress Monster Loves Sleeping Pills!"


You may be interested in information about dreams or nightmares which you can find in the Reading Room articles, "Dreams and Nightmares; Changing Unwanted Dreams, Parts I and II." If you or your children suffer from bad dreams or nightmares, you may want to consult this information and try some of the techniques which will enable you to obtain greater control of unwanted dreams or nightmares.


You may be interested in using music and other relaxing techniques as you drift off to sleep or awaken before your alarm. In the Advice Line section you will find an article, "Stress Management VIII: Another Resource for Stress: Hemi-Sync." The article describes a technique for encoding music CDs with programming to enable your brain to remain in a delta or theta sleep state. In addition to the CDs available through the Monroe Institute as described in the article, you can also find this technology used on sleep CDs described elsewhere on the Internet. One such CD is "A Sound Sleep" by Dudley and Dean Evenson which has been useful for many of my clients.  Others are interested in self hypnosis techniques such as "Deep Sleep with Medical Self-hypnosis" by Dr. Steven Gurgevich available through Sounds True.


Although the information in all these articles is extensive and may be time-consuming to review, the payoff will be an improved quality of sleep.


I wish all my readers peaceful restorative sleep, and I am available to consult with you as to how to implement these recommendations.