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2012 Is Over and the World is Still Here: What Now?

                           2012 Is Over and the World Is Still Here: What Now?


The big joke at the end of 2012 was the so-called “Mayan Prophecy” about the end of the world. Of course the world did not end!  Please look at an article I wrote in 2010 entitled “2012 Predictions: Should You Be Afraid?”  This article explained the major world changes happening at that time and that the period of most rapid change will last at least until 2016. If you’ve ever looked at the Mayan Calendar, you’ll see it’s round, so obviously their concept of time continues without ending. But there are major changes afoot in this world and we are experiencing them now. The Chatham County Stress Monster is very happy to see all of us suffering in so many ways. As it’s one of my missions in life to combat the Stress Monster, I’m writing this article to help us all cope with these changes.


This time is the era of a major galactic shift causing disruptive changes in our atmosphere. For all our modern technological advances, it’s important to remember that we live in the natural world.  News outlets have reported some of the environmental changes but generally underreport natural disasters in our ecology and world systems. World leaders understand the threats and have built underground cities and storehouses so that select individuals could continue to live through major world catastrophes. There is definitely an increase in solar flares causing hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other destructive changes in the world. Additionally, we have an aging infrastructure which is particularly vulnerable to these natural disasters. There is global unrest, political upheavals and wars which never seem to end.  My message today is not “Ha, ha, ha; the world did not end so let’s party.” There is in fact a great deal of stress and uncertainty in our modern world. We need to pay attention and make our own adjustments to these changes.


In the previous article I described how we are living in a world of major choice points. Our individual and collective futures do depend upon the choices we are all making. Long ago the Hopi Indians made a prophecy about the end of this era which they called the fourth world. This prophecy clearly points out the choice point we are all facing now. The prophecy states: “It depends upon which path humankind will walk: the greed, the comfort, and the profit, or the path of love, strength and balance.”


Since 2010 I’ve spent a great deal of time studying these choice points and observing how humanity is experiencing more and more negative events. I won’t go on and on about corporate greed, the increasing income gap, the struggles of common people and the increasingly authoritarian but dysfunctional governments. Prophets are now pointing out that we need to see and experience all this “garbage” so that we can begin to make positive changes. I’m definitely not saying that we should all take to the streets with bats and bullhorns. Peaceful demonstrations certainly make a point but the danger of violent collective actions is polarization and increasing anger. There are lots of options for peaceful collective activity. Every day I get petitions on my computer. It takes a minute to fill them out and they are starting to become increasingly effective as decision-makers become aware they are not working in a vacuum. People do care.


I choose to follow the choices outlined by the Hopi, “the path of love, strength and balance.”  When enough people individually reach the tipping point, the changes will happen. My articles espouse the path of love, loving kindness, unconditional love, and heart-based living.  The prophets clearly state that these choices can change the world. But let’s start with ourselves.  When we follow this path we will feel happiness and joy, sometimes even bliss. You can follow the advice in my articles or you can choose to work with me at Forest Garden to develop this life pattern for yourself. The message is for us all to maximize the pure love we each have within ourselves. Kindness and love always trump depression and worrry! Negativity cannot take a hold when you maximize your positive vibrations. Although we know that that Nirvana on this earth is not possible, we all can choose the positive road for ourselves.


There is an old saying, “There are many roads to the top of the mountain, but when you get there the view is the same” Yes let’s ascend separately or together. I’ll just mention a few paths. Volunteer work can be particularly positive whether it be with little children, animals or hospice patients. Practices such as walking in nature, yoga or tai chi also emphasize the positive path. Spiritual, symphonic or religious music can fortify the soul. My articles describe other choices. The message should always be peace and love. I had a wonderful and surprising experience walking the paths of Forest Garden on the solstice December 21, 2012. Walking in my heart space, I suddenly found myself reciting the beautiful words of the 23rd Psalm. How did I know those words so well? I don’t remember ever learning them! Go to those words now and see how they can conquer the greed, profit and natural disasters of our modern world around us.