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May I Help You With Your Greatest Fear and Greatest Sorrow?



How would you like to live in the ecstatically beautiful Summerland? It never rains and the weather and temperature are always perfect. A new inhabitant of Summerland described it as “1000 times better in every way than our world.” Shimmering white light surrounds you along with a pervasive feeling of love and peace. Everything seems to be alive. Perpetual gardens, trees and flowers are everywhere in vivid colors with a lovely scent wafting through the air. Birds sing joyously in the trees.  The water in fountains, pools, streams and oceans sparkles and flashes vivid musical colors and sounds.  The cities consist of stately buildings surrounded by magnificent gardens, emerald green grass in lawns and roads.  Halls of learning, immense libraries, theaters and concert halls are everywhere.  Houses are constructed with varying designs according to the wishes of their inhabitants. People are kind and friendly, many wearing luminous robes but some wearing ordinary street clothing.  Beloved animals live with their owners. Summerland is described as a kind of paradise with no fighting, controversies, wars, illness or pestilence.


What is there to fear about Summerland?  At this point you may have guessed that the Summerland I am describing is a part of the afterlife, not found anywhere on this earth.  The “average decent person” will find himself transported to this wonderful place.  I have studied this subject for a long time and finally decided to come forth with this information to help alleviate mankind’s greatest fear. I hope you will take the opportunity to read for yourself the three main sources I am quoting for this article.  Roberta Grimes, a researcher and attorney, has written “The Fun of Dying,” Greater Reality Publications, 2010.  Two carefully researched books were published in 2011, “The Afterlife Unveiled,” by Stafford Betty, O-Books, and “The Afterlife Revealed,” by Michael Tymn, White Crow Books.  These books will refer you to a great number of other sources with consistent information about this issue.  The issue of course is not new. Mozart called understanding death the key to unlocking the door to true happiness. Shakespeare wrote that life is sweeter when we are prepared for death.  I’ve observed that many people are so terrified by thoughts about death that they carefully avoid dealing with the issue. Others, often in the darkness of night, feel abject terror at the thought of death. No more!  Now you can dream about the beauty of Summerland.


Our greatest sorrow is experienced upon the death of our loved ones. It seems that they are completely gone and our lives empty as a result. It’s wonderful when you can believe and know that their spirits are here just behind the veil.  You can wait secure in the knowledge that you will be with them again.  Some of us want to learn to have some kind of communication now with family in spirit.  There are ways you can learn yourself or you can find assistance in communicating.  You can ask me about this:  I’ve been assisted by local talented mediums.


At this point you will be wondering about the source of information for these books. Grimes succinctly mentions a number of sources including deathbed visions, near-death experiences, communications through psychic mediums, communications through deep-trance mediums, accounts received through automatic writing, accounts by out of body travelers, instrumental trannscommunication, hypnotic regression, past life memories of children, ghosts and spirit possession, quantum physics and consciousness research.  In my opinion some of the clearest evidence comes from communications sent back to us by inhabitants of the afterlife. I found it very interesting to learn that in the 1800’s the spirits apparently decided that we needed to more completely understand the afterlife. Prominent skeptics, especially clergy, were selected to receive these information transmissions.  The Anglican minister, William Stainton Moses, looked upon communication with the dead as daemonic. Apparently he was chosen by spirit for his impeccable reputation, character and integrity. After a series of incredible communications, Reverend Moses became convinced of their accuracy and eventually authored two books of spirit teachings, Moses wanted to make sure that the information he published came from the spirit world, not from his mind. Therefore, spirit information was transmitted to writing in his right hand while he occupied his left hand and mind reading scholarly books! Other impressive and respected sources form the basis of our understanding of the afterlife.


But what about our fear of judgment, hell and damnation?  The “average decent person” can expect to find him or herself arriving at the reception gardens in Summerland. There will eventually be a review of each person’s life but not by a judgmental deity. The process is described as a self review assisted by spiritual elders. Sources talk about seven levels in the afterlife with Summerland being the third level.  People who were kind and compassionate, more spiritual and less materialistic, may end up immediately in the fourth level.  Afterlife inhabitants can move to these higher levels based on spiritual progress. Few details are known about the highest spheres; our language is described as inadequate to communicate the wonder and bliss experienced at these sublime levels.  The levels below are sometimes called “Shadowland.”  This world is described as dark, barren, bleak and chilly, filled with lost souls. The inhabitants of these lower levels are described as choosing these levels because of their beliefs and behavior. Even though the Shadowland inhabitants often decide to remain there, spiritual help is always available to those who want to move higher.


These spiritual commentators wish to assist us in preparation for the eternity awaiting us after life on earth.  Unconditional love and forgiveness are seen as the most important virtues to learn during our earthly existence. You may wish to concentrate upon these virtues now. They will assist you in experiencing happiness during this lifetime and will also prepare you for eternity.  It’s not just personal love that’s described.  Unconditional love is an all-encompassing love for all inhabitants of our earth. Spiritual sources tell us that we are “all one,” all a part of an expanded consciousness.  Kindness and compassion are the basis of this love.  Forgiveness of self and others is the other important characteristic.   Earth life these days contains a lot of anger and negative judgments which interfere with love and forgiveness.  Understandably we will find these virtues difficult to practice fully but they do result in positive earthly and eternal lives.


These issues are profound and difficult, and I am writing to help you begin your self-study to empower you now and in the future. There will be some critics, skeptics, clerics and atheists who dispute this information. I’m passing it along to you so you might begin your own investigation into these important areas, your greatest fears and sorrows. 





After the article was written and submitted for publication, I continued reading in this area including books suggested by the authors mentioned above. I found an excerpt so interesting that I thought I would include it on this website. Jeannette and George Meek were afterlife researchers who planned to communicate with each other when the first died.  Jeannette channeled the following information to George after her death. (As a point of information, their daughter Nancy Carol had died at the age of two weeks.)    “Okay, I’m going to tell you what it was like when I went through the tunnel. You know my body here on the earth plane was in a total wreck with the strokes I had. Well, when I went through the tunnel, this huge beam of light, I walked right on through it. And, honey, when I got through there, I looked down; I was amazed. I was a cripple no more! I could walk and I could talk, and you know when I was here on the earth plane, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even move my arms. Even my voice wasn’t working! But when I went through that tunnel everything came back and I was so pleased and I was standing in front of my mother… my beautiful mother… She put her arms around me, and Daddy… And honey, I just broke down and started crying until I got over my shock, you know, when I went through the tunnel. Everything was so wonderful there; the flowers were so gorgeous… the colors… it’s different from what they are here on the earth plane. I didn’t have my physical body. I could run, I could jump, I could take both hands and wave at people in the spirit world. I was amazed with this, but the most important thing is the Master. He walked up to me and said, “Welcome home, my child.” Honey, from then on I was at home. I was at peace with myself and I missed you very much, George, but I knew that you would be with me someday. So, I went with Mother and Daddy. They had me by the hands, and they led me down a little path, but the little path was so wonderful! The little flowers and the birds… it was just… wonderful and the water… I was overcome. Here I was, in a place where there was not any pain, anger, hurt, or anything. I was at peace with myself. I went on with Mama and Daddy and met up with my little girl. I said, “Mother, Daddy, why are we here with this little girl?” Mama looked at me. She said, “Jeannette, that’s Nancy Carol your own baby.” Honey I just fell to my knees and I wept. I was so overcome to be with my baby at last. You know, when she died and left us, I cried for a long time. I wouldn’t let you see me cry, but I did. But now, I went on down the path, I got Nancy Carol by the hand, down the path, and I sat down on a bench-like thing. I had picked up Nancy Carol and set her on my lap, and Mama and Daddy were there. All at once, I looked up and there was a rainbow. It wasn’t raining or anything; it just came on! I was speechless!...


We went up this hill, and on top of this hill was the most gorgeous water fountain that I have ever seen. The water was coming up different colors, amazing colors. Honey, I can’t tell you the colors because they are colors I have never seen before. I looked up and there were my friends...


So we all went on our way. I said, “Mother where are we going?” She says, “To the Glory Land.” I said, “Where is Glory Land?” She said, “At the side of the water.” So we went there. I walked along this beautiful sandy beach water. The sand was so gorgeous… It just glittered… And the water is perfect; so clear and so blue. And different animals… we have animals in heaven. So if someone loves her little pat on the earth plane, please don’t worry about them, because when you come to be over here, your little pet will be waiting for you. Your little dog, cat, bird… They’ll all be here!


I sat on the sandy beach and watched beautiful porpoises jump up out of the blue water. It was gorgeous! And I was speechless when I saw beautiful whale come up out of the water and splash the water. When I looked up in the water, it was clear, not muddy, not muddy water…


The gorgeous, beautiful angel… appeared out of nowhere and had a beautiful blue, pink… It was mostly the blue and pink we know here on the earth plane, a different color was outstanding, beautiful… I just stood there and looked at it and at the angel. I asked, “Who are you?” The angel said, “I am your guardian angel, Gabriel.” So I got up. I stood there for five or 10 minutes. You know we don’t have any time over here like we have it on the earth plane and we don’t have dark, we don’t have darkness… It’s just light all the time because we do not need our sleep, we don’t need to eat. We’re in a body that’s perfect!


There’s no place like strolling over heaven. And honey, do I love strolling over heaven with my friends! Then we came down and at the bottom of the little hill there were lions, tigers, and little children, honey, running around leading those lions and tigers; just little, small children. They weren’t trying to hurt them! I just sat there and watch them run and play with the animals. There were acres of beautiful flowers. The breeze blowing the flowers; you could smell the beautiful aroma from the flowers. Honey, I can still smell them! And another thing, the little pets, the little ones, are so precious. You can love them and pet them and they don’t try to bite, they don’t try to harm you in any way. They’re just full of love and kindness.


Honey, I’ve strolled over heaven and now it’s time to get busy. I went and said, “Master, would you please find me a job that I would like to do?” He said, “My child, what would you like to do?” I said, “Teach children.” You know, honey, that I was an English teacher here on the earth plane...


Mothers and fathers, if your children get killed in a car accident, drunk driving, drug overdoses, don’t worry about them, because they are here in heaven! We all have a second chance. The Master knows when you do your best, that’s all you can do. And friends on the earth plane, always reach out and help someone that’s less fortunate than you, especially old people and little children. And overcome the hatred and bitterness and go to the light.


If only I had my life to live over, I could have done things different than what I have done. I could have given more money to help people that were in need. I could have fed the little children that were hungry. I had all the money I could ever hope for when I was on the earth plane. But that money didn’t do me any good. Oh it brought me food and things I needed, but I’m talking about spiritual things, like going out and taken a box of food to needy families; their daddy was sick or their mother had just come out of the hospital from surgery and they couldn’t get any food. I wish I could’ve done more of that. But it didn’t make me any less of a person because I didn’t do it….


Sometimes it breaks my heart to look down upon this beautiful planet that I once lived on and see so much anger and hate and greed and murdering and killing. Oh it makes me cry. The heavenly forces are not destroying this beautiful planet that I once lived on; it’s mankind that’s destroying this beautiful planet with nuclear bombs, missiles… and things to kill people with. Man is destroying this planet. It will be destroyed by its own destruction. People need to be more in tune with the light, the heavenly forces…


Now I’m going to go back to the beautiful flowers. Oh, what a fragrance. There is no perfume on this earth plane that can give you the beautiful smell that these gorgeous flowers do here in heaven. And the beautiful mountain peaks!


We don’t have cars, trucks, planes, helicopters here in the spirit world. And we don’t have the little corners that we go off in. We all mix and mingle with everyone. We go and we sit at the foot of the gorgeous, beautiful mountains. We listen to the Master as He talks to us. He always gets up and spreads out his arms and says, “Welcome my flock, welcome.” That is the most wonderful feeling that you’ll ever have when you come through that tunnel, and the Master is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, and saying, “Welcome home, my child.”   Quotations from the book “Enjoy Your Own Funeral", George Meek, Galde, 1999.



I found these books fascinating, and they provide additional information channeled from the afterlife from inhabitants there.  "Life in The World Unseen" by Anthony Borgia, an Anglican clergyman,  and "The Book of James (William James, That Is)" by Suzy Smith.  I studied at Harvard in William James hall;  he was a revered psychologist there.


Another book with very similar content is "Soul Journeys: My Guided Tours through the Afterlife", Rosalind McKnight, Hampton Roads Publishing, 2005.  Rosalind was an Explorer at the Monroe Institute who visualized this information with spiritual assistance.  The content is amazingly similar to the information reported above.  Congruency and redundancy of information is very useful in judging the veracity of all these reports.


For a delightful change of pace read "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers." Annie Kagan, Hampton Road,2013.  Billy appeared to be a troubled soul to his sister until he died and began communicating to her from the spirit world.  She had no interest in writing his story until the truth about Billy began to unfold.  Billy tells us about the spirit world beyond Summerland! It was an eye-opener for me!