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Hire An Angel?




                                                   Hire An Angel?


What is Betty Phillips writing about now? You say you know about Angels but you only think about them at Christmas. You say that Angels have a job singing and rejoicing with the heavenly hosts. Yes they do, but let’s also think about Angels the rest of the year. The essence of Angels is love. Angels love the world. They have enough love for all of us not just a special child in a manger. 


Now you say you’re too busy to think about such illusory concepts. You’re too stressed out by this world and your chores to even take the time to finish reading this silly article. But wait! Don’t you have just five or 10 minutes to start thinking about a concept that could change the rest of your life for the better?  If I’ve taken the time to write this article, can’t you take a few minutes to open your heart and let the Angels in?


One reason I’m writing this article is the amount of stress and strife we experience these days. Although we hear about modern innovations to improve our lives, most of us find that we’re overworked, tired and irritable, and we go to sleep at the end of each day wondering why we are here and why life is so difficult.  Take a moment and open your mind and heart to the joyful reality of the angelic kingdom and its presence in our lives.


Aside from what we’ve been taught about Christmas, let’s consider the possibility of a reality surrounding us which we cannot completely comprehend with our five senses.  We can look to science as the basis of this information, although many scientists have will not go as far as I am doing in this article today. I was trained as a scientific psychologist with a PhD from Harvard University. I believed only in science until about seven years ago when my life changed and I began a study of the rest of reality behind the domain of the so-called “hard sciences.” Although not fully absorbed into the reality of our lives, the science of quantum physics has documented the reality of the world of energy underlying our perceptions. As a matter of fact, everything consists of particles of energy, all of us and everything around us. The scientists know that energy cannot be destroyed. So there IS a world surrounding us which we cannot comprehend with our five senses. Furthermore, science has documented that energy cannot be destroyed. So the energy inside us will persist in some way for all time. And the energy which we can not feel or touch also persists and influences us.  I’ve described additional documentation in my article “Does Consciousness Survive? in the Advice Line section of my website.  In our reality, it is likely that beings other than humans exist.


Much has been written about Angels and other spiritual guides, but today I would like to bring you the experience of one natural health practitioner, Jean Slatter, as she has documented in her book “Hiring the Heavens”, New World, 2001, 2005.  In dealing with one of her clients, she found herself stumped in attempting to answer his question. In fact she answered it incorrectly, then as she said, “for no reason at all, I had the impulse to turn around and pull a healthcare book off the shelf, a book I purchased a year earlier but had never read or even noticed since” which opened to give her the correct information.  Soon she began to find that she had her “own spiritual physician” to provide “inside information beyond my technical training.”  Continuing with the information in the book, Slatter found that she had a source of advice and support for herself personally as well as her patients. She felt comfortable receiving help for her patients, but finally asked if it was “possible to receive help in all areas of my life? Naturally, as soon as I asked, evidence of divine assistance began showing up” and she was provided information about shopping for clothes!


Slatter received an important message when she was inspired by the spirit world to write this book. I also want you to understand this message. “Your Angels want to be included in your life… They are eager for you to know that their loving energy is there for you anytime, anywhere, in any situation – however trivial you may think it is. They are never further away than your next thought.”


You can read Slatter’s book or many other books about Angels and the spirit world. As you attempt to gain information about Angels and the spirit world, it’s important to realize the limitations of our physical being and our brains. We need to open up our minds and our hearts to this expanded reality around us. Hark to the words of Terri Guillemets, “If trouble hearing angels’ song with thine ears, try listening with thy heart.” Check back to some of my articles about expanding your heart-based living in this world, not just the blood pumping apparatus but with the spiritual heart that you access for meditation or prayer, love, happiness and joy. In that world you will find your loving angelic spiritual partners!