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A Christmas Message: Finding Joy in This World and the Next!

                         A Christmas Message: Finding Joy in This World and the Next!


It’s December and Christmas is coming!  It’s a great time to find happiness and I’m going to show you a path to even greater joy!  I’m going to tell you how to celebrate Christmas now and throughout your life with ALL those you truly love. I mean ALL! Yes, including our dearly departed.   Christmas is a wonderful time for rejoicing but sometimes also sorrow for the friends and relatives who have left this world for the next.  By now you may be thinking, Phillips is finally off her rocker. Well, read on and decide for yourself.


I’ve written a lot about happiness, but how about joy! These days there doesn’t seem to be much of either in this world, just war, disease and economic distress. So let me help transport you to another dimension where you can find peace, happiness and joy! If you are a skeptic, so much the better. I’m going to tell you about a path to real understanding about many of the mysteries of life and beyond.


You can trim your Christmas tree and wrap presents, but you’ll find joy in your heart, not the tinsel. Heart-felt giving and love to others is an important part of this picture now and even in the afterlife. Heartfelt love can overcome the problems of this world including even the fear of death for yourself and others. Read on to discover how this can work for you as it does for me.


Let me tell you about how I discovered this secret and why I am sharing it openly with others.  Christmas 2007 was fixing to be unhappy. My beloved father had just died, following my mother and two of my sisters into the afterlife.  My husband and I planned to drive to New York to celebrate Christmas with my surviving sister.  But I desperately wanted to share Christmas with the whole family. Carefully I gathered together and packed family pictures and mementos for our Christmas celebration. I had just started to believe that there might be survival after death but wanted and actually did receive signs of reassurance from my spirit family! As we were beginning the long drive to New York, I looked with a surprise at the license plate of the car in front of us. While I never look at license plates, this one stood out with only three letters on a white background: FKW!  I cried with joy as these letters were my father’s initials! The car drove ahead of us for many hours and we arrived safely in New York.  Driving around New York I saw another license plate with a white background and only the numbers 4444.  When I looked up these numbers I found they signified Angels. We were being told that we could drive safely around New York. It was a wonderful joyful Christmas, made even more special by the signs from heaven that the family was all together again.


Since 2007 I’ve been studying these issues and reporting about them occasionally in my columns. If you are a believer or especially a skeptic wanting information, please review two articles which you will find on my website in the Advice Line section. Start with the article “Survival of Consciousness?” which provides detailed information and references about this crucial topic. This year I wrote the article, “May I Help You with Your Greatest Fear and Greatest Sorrow?” This article was about the afterlife but titled so that someone might actually read the column! Often people avoid all references to this topic due to their anxiety and fear.  With Christmas coming and the rush to buy presents and plan parties, the topic is even more of an anathema to many.


Why would I want to spoil your Christmas to even think about the D word?  Because the D word is a part of the spirit world and the spirit world is a source of profound joy!  Since 2007 I’ve learned about the many wonderful and fantastic blessings I can experience in connecting with the source of spiritual energy which actually is all around us every day of our lives. I’ve written about the quantum world of energy which science knows extends all around and beyond us into infinity. Spirits are energy!  Many of my clients who are interested in pursuing this source of joy will tell you about the happiness they are learning to experience.  I’m thinking about a client who came to see me exceedingly depressed after the deaths of two husbands.  When I shared information about a local medium, she jumped at the chance to contact her husbands and then actually lost her depression in the joy of their reunion.


It is somewhat controversial to be writing about these topics. But the Chatham County Line is not afraid to take on difficult subjects.  So let me proceed with information about a very highly credible resource which is available to you.  Would you believe information conveyed by a US Naval Commander, an Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a by-the-book left brained perfectionist who was totally devoted to her military duties?  If so, you can start by reading a book by Suzanne Giesemann, “Messages of Hope,” One Mind Books, 2011. Interestingly, Suzanne found herself in an airplane with the Chairman flying over the devastation of the 9/11 towers and back into the Pentagon as it was burning. Surely a life-changing experience but one which did not deter Commander Giesemann from her duties.  I won’t spoil the rest of the book for you so please read how she, in her doubting but studious and determined manner, found herself learning, studying and eventually becoming an evidential medium herself with a clear connection to the other side! If the spirits were choosing the best person to help skeptics understand the spirit world surrounding us, Suzanne was the perfect choice!


After you read this book, find the many treasures that await you on her website,  One of the most exciting resources I found on her website will be a chance for you to sign up for Sanaya Says.  Every day you can receive an email from a beautiful group of high-level spirits communicating through Suzanne. If you spend much time with this resource, you will know that the words and messages come from beyond and not from Suzanne. Her perfectionism and total honesty would not allow her to deceive the public in any manner.   The website also allows you to read transcripts from sessions where Sanaya spoke through Suzanne to groups of people. I can assure you that I have been studying these issues for many years and Sanaya’s transmissions are the most clear and authentic sources of spiritual information I have ever encountered.  Suzanne has just written another book, “Wolf’s Message”, available from Amazon Digital Services, 2014. It tells the story of young man nicknamed Wolf who passed away mysteriously, then communicated information to Suzanne from the spiritual world. Check with Suzanne’s schedule on her website. You’ll have an opportunity to hear her in person 2015 in North Carolina: June in Durham and September in Wilmington, North Carolina.


A great joy, if you haven’t done so up to now, will be finding a talented medium to help you get in contact with your loved ones in the afterlife! Suzanne herself is overwhelmed with requests, but I can refer you to a very talented local medium if you wish to contact me for this information.


Over the years since 2007 I’ve received wonderful and inspiring messages from the spirit world. I’ll give you a few other examples. Remembering with sorrow my mother’s death, I heard my computer suddenly and unexpectedly begin playing the Lords Prayer!  Another time, while walking through my beautiful Forest Garden, my iPod started playing a wonderful song from Frederic Delarue, Soaring with Angels.  The most recent example occurred when I was dictating this article! I dictate using voice recognition software instead of typing. As I was dictating about “Sanaya Says”, my computer typed out “I Am Says.” Talk about Joy!  I found pure tears of joy!  (Most of you know God’s voice as “I Am that I Am.”)


The great religions of this world provide access to the treasures of the spirit world. Many beautiful books have been written over the years giving us direction for our lives today and pointing us toward everlasting life. It is also very exciting to find out that we can explore for ourselves! Many people find that they can develop their spiritual skills without outside intervention or dependence upon clergy. Suzanne’s story is one of these situations. Many of us find that we can develop our own skills and find joy in our ordinary daily lives. Communicating with nature is a good start. There are many wonderful spiritual books being written now as well as gorgeous spiritual music available to us. We can use modern technology to access such information for ourselves. A word of caution, however. Modern life, facebooking, ipading and twittering may envelop us and deaden our minds to  spiritual inspiration and joy. Take a break from buying and wrapping Christmas presents and reach out to some of the beautiful and inspiring sources of joy in the world around us. I’ve written about heart-based living. Turn off the brain for a few minutes to find peace and joy in your heart this holiday season!  Find happiness knowing that the problems of modern life are temporary. You will find joy in the here and now and in the afterlife. My wish for all of you: Have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and Everlasting Life!