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Do You Yearn for the Truth?

                                           Do You Yearn For The Truth? 


Here we are in 2015. Is there anything different or better about 2015?  The days seem to drag on, conflicts abound, the news is all bad, wars, terror threats, plane crashes, dishonesty, political rhetoric but no action, rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.  Even the jokes are less funny. (How can you tell that politicians are lying? Their mouths are moving!)  Now corporations are people and they have more rights than you do. Weird! What happened to truth, love and honesty? Who can we believe?


Let me give you some evidence that truth, beauty and honesty still exist, have always existed and that eternal love surrounds us now and forever. Let me show you evidence that spirituality is alive and well, not only on this earth but as a part of the highest heavens. Wow! Phillips is really on a roll today. This must be big! Yes it is. You can find a path to truth in 700 or so pages produced for us from the highest spiritual levels and documented by individuals of great integrity and dedication.  How do I know? Let me share this information with you. I’ve been studying this issue seriously and earnestly since 2007, wading through an overabundance of information, wondering, sometimes doubting, sometimes uplifted, reading continuously until I find words of truth.  Then I found Spiritual Light sent us from the highest heavens.


Here’s the background. In my last column I discussed the fact that Suzanne Giesemann will be speaking at the conference of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies in Durham North Carolina June 2015. Based upon this information I joined the Association and have been delighted to note the quality of their monthly newsletter. In the latest newsletter I was even more delighted to find information about the Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood and their book Spiritual Light, 2014, USB Vision Press.  The book was recently published but has been in development since 1956. Within this book I found information and inspiration to share with you about the spiritual path in this world and in the hereafter.


Who, what and where are the universal spiritual leaders? Not every spokesperson or preacher can lead us honestly and directly to spiritual truth.   We are experiencing increasingly difficult problems on earth now and many of us want to find the path to the top of the mountain. We want to know accurate information about our physical and spiritual life on earth and in the hereafter. The reason for excitement about the Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood is that it was founded and is guided by “Illumined Souls” who once walked the earth but now reside in the highest levels of the spirit world. These Illumined Souls transmitted information to dedicated humans through the service of deep-trance, direct-voice mediums. These mediums were carefully chosen by the Illuminated Souls and their teachings were reviewed carefully until finalized recently in this book.  Recordings will be available of some of these sessions. You would recognize the names of many of the Illumined Souls who ascended to the highest level of the spirit world after their lives on earth. You will be able to recognize their words in their writings!  To find out more about this project and the book, you should start by consulting  You’ll find 10 pages of information there that will help you understand this unusual organization and book.  Are there any other organizations actually joined together, earth-bound and spiritual-dwellers, coming together to improve our lives and improve our earthly existence?  This is the only one I know!  Don’t just take my word for it.  Hopefully you will be excited enough to want to hold the book, Spiritual Light, in your hands.



If you’re like me, you’re still wondering about the names of the Illumined Souls. I will quote from their website about why they do not name the spiritual leader of the USB including “a certain Great Soul revered by many millions... It is his wish. For over the centuries, much that he taught long ago has been twisted and distorted by chroniclers and others… There is little joy over the way his teachings have been misinterpreted and misrepresented, often deliberately, and over the stream of false prophets and teachers who have claimed, even as some do now, that he inspired or worked through them. A second reason is his desire that people judge teachings and philosophy by their soundness or lack of soundness… and not by whether they believe that he teaches them… Many people associate him with a particular religion only, although he did not found a religion, but taught a way of life for all people.”  The Illumined Souls do not want to be worshiped: “We only ask that you accept us and treat us as sisters and brothers a little more enlightened… But when it comes to worship, we should worship only God.”  It is clear that the Spiritual Light “originated and was organized in the spirit world, not on earth… The USB is a way of life, not a religion. It adheres to the principle that in all things we do, there is no cause greater than Truth. It endorses all that is good, anywhere.”


Spiritual Light is written to enable you to bring the light of truth, thought and reason to all aspects of your life. The information is written as clearly and simply as possible in order to enable the reader to understand and live by these precepts. They realize that “The truly great spiritual teachers of the ages presented truths of shining simplicity and beauty, only to find these truths eventually obscured, if not completely buried, by dogmas and rituals and creeds, and by personal interpretations and misinterpretations, conscious and unconscious.”  Readers of Spiritual Light are seekers of the truth.  “The quest for truth is the greatest quest of all.” I found interesting their discussion of our tendency to look for truth in esoteric or ancient writings. “Documents, however old, are still either the opinions or findings of people, or what people who wrote them at the time wished others to believe... or “esoteric” writings purporting to relate to, among other things, how and why and when humans came into being, how the world and planets and stars and everything else in the universe were created and what the absolute is.” On the contrary, Spiritual Light emphasizes that “true teachers of truth are ever conscious of their responsibility to precisely define terms and to make certain that their teachings are correct, perfectly clear, and easy to understand.”


At first it may seem unusual or even bizarre to think about divinely inspired writings. However we have, for centuries, accepted and revered divinely inspired works such as the Bible. We find, though, that people are still arguing over the meanings of many Bible verses. We want to live spiritually inspired lives, but the meanings of many Bible passages are still hotly contested.  Thus it was felt by the Illumined Souls that spiritually inspired writings needed to be updated and clearly stated for those of us who are attempting to survive in our difficult modern world.


I will be writing a series of articles about the information contained in the Spiritual Light book. You can begin with the website and purchase the book or you can wait to consider the information over time as described in my articles. The book describes eternal truths as the Laws that Govern. These are, as described, Laws, eternal unchanging principles at work in the universe, including our Earth time, not man-made laws. The Illumined Souls want you to think universally using reason and judgment, never accepting information unquestionably as some earth-based authorities may encourage or even require. The crucial difference is the distinction between man-made and spiritual laws and truths.  I will provide some interesting quotations and information contained in the book. As the book contains over 700 pages, there is no way this article can provide more than illustrative information to increase your interest to explore further.


You can purchase the book through their website in a beautiful blue leather, gold embossed volume for less than $25 or in a paperback version on Amazon. From the price of the book you can see that the group is obviously a nonprofit organization! The USB does not solicit funds or charge membership fees. Their work is entirely sustained by freely donated contributions. The founding individuals on earth, Michael Flagg and John Finnemore, worked for this organization and book without financial support for years of their lives. Think about this for awhile as this dedication and public service is highly unusual in this world today! You can contrast the USB long-term nonprofit status to so-called free services such as Facebook and Twitter which started out ostensibly free but actually intended on making a profit as you can now observe. Spiritual Light is very clearly nonprofit! To gather more information you can look at the book introduction or the reviews collected on the website and beginning to be printed on Amazon. You will find positive recommendations by illustrious human souls such as Deepak Chopra.


Spiritual Light is a book to read and reread, each time finding more to learn and think about. Right now my goal is to increase your curiosity about the many topics contained in this book. This is a book to live with and consult over and over. It is written simply and as clearly as possible without thou shalt’s and thou shall not’s. After you read the introduction, after you understand the basis and origin of this work, you can skip around to your heart’s desire. What do you want to know about? Do you want to know about clones? Hugging trees? Visitors from other planets? Mediums? Self-pity? Tithing? Resisting evil? Prejudice? Overpopulation? Crime and punishment? Leadership? Government?  Relationships? Parenting? Acupuncture? Healing? Exorcism?  Meditation? Spirit guides? Twin Souls? Déjà vu? Speaking in tongues? The spirit world? Psychedelic drugs? Astrology?  The book is full of basic good advice.


I’ll end this article with a disturbing section which brought tears to my eyes.  Topic1424 describes “Some of the lessons that can be learned only on earth“ including “Only on earth can one loot, vandalize, destroy and kill. ..Only on earth can one achieve power or wealth by trampling over others… Only on earth is it sometimes possible for us, by our outward appearance, to successfully deceive others… Only on earth can one gain in any way by sacrificing principle… Only on earth can one succeed in abusing or being cruel to animals.”  Then came the counterpoint; how can we survive here?  Topic 1426 describes “Fighting the Good Fight. While we’re not expected or required to be perfect on earth we can, on the whole, live up to our highest conceptions of what is noble. We can show understanding and love and compassion for others… We can be true to ourselves and maintain our integrity, regardless of what others do.”


The Spiritual Light brings hope!  “The Dawning. Even if the night is black, and may become blacker, the light of a new age is here. Those on the mountaintop behold the raise of a glorious dawn that those in the valley cannot yet see.”


Let’s join together on our quest toward the mountaintop!