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Is THIS All There Is?

                                                           Is THIS All There Is? 


Some people think so.  Some people are just tired and some are afraid.  Some people don’t believe anything any more.  Some people are rebellious.  Some people are wrapped up in their texting, twittering and facebooking and would rather listen to Siri than anyone else.  If you are one of those people, you can forget this whole topic.  For a while only.


There are many wonderful ways to improve THIS life now. You can find valid self-improvement techniques on the way to the top of life’s mountain. You can take advantage of the many helpful books you can find in your stores and libraries. Just as one example, I have over 170 articles on my website describing varied ways to increase your satisfaction and happiness in this life. Be sure to include ways to keep your body healthy, your relationship satisfying, keep a connection with nature and the natural world, and be sure to help and love your neighbor as yourself.


 But there WILL come that day of reckoning.  So take a journey with me into the words of the book Spiritual Light.  If you haven’t read about this book you can check out my last article, “Do You Yearn for the Truth?” on my website or go to on your computer. I’ve received many requests to continue my articles about Spiritual Light.


Spiritual Light brings us information from the highest realms of the spiritual part of our world through Illumined Souls and their organization, The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB).  When we want to find out about the rest of existence, the parts that our eyes and ears can’t reach, let’s consult the experts!  Spiritual Light does bring a monumental amount of information to us, more than I can share today. I thought I would start with information about the spirit world and afterlife as these issues are a major concern to most people.


The Illumined Souls stress the importance of our understanding of two principles: communication with spirits and survival after physical death. Many of us do want to believe there is more to life and existence than we are currently experiencing. Others put their heads in the sand and avoid these issues, often out of anxiety and fear. Some are skeptics, as the USB tells us, “like a woman who confines herself in a dark and windowless room and asserts there is no light, or like a man who denies the existence of the Pacific Ocean because he himself has not sailed on it.” The Illumined Souls assure us about these two issues that “evidence is so abundant, so varied, so overwhelming, so confirmed by people in all walks of life in all countries, that a thorough and impartial investigator cannot long be unconvinced.” At Christmas especially we celebrate spirit communication with Angels and the Three Wise Men and we read about heaven and the afterlife.  Then we turn to New Year’s resolutions and the Super Bowl, income taxes and the other issues of daily life and pay no attention to our spiritual brethren and spiritual messages. Today and thereafter, let’s pay attention!  Our lives and our futures depend on it!


Mankind has been receiving spiritual guidance forever, even before recorded history. Individuals who have psychic and spiritual talents have been receiving direct communication from the spiritual level beginning in childhood. Their spiritual skills continue to develop as they grow. Some of these individuals become mediums to assist the rest of us. Other people receive direct spiritual input in periods of inspiration or in special situations such as dreams, out of body excursions, near-death experiences and deathbed visions.  Many of us rely on talented mediums for most of their spirit communication.  I repeat my offer to release information about a talented local medium whose fees are very reasonable.


Children are often taught that they have spirit guides and guardian angels. Many children enjoy their playful communications with, in this case, real invisible friends. After a while the demands of daily life set in, we turn on our TV sets and forget about the spirit world.  Spiritual Light reminds us to remember our childhood dreams and visions. The Illumined Souls teach us that we all have our own spirit guides “to guard and guide, to inform, impress, and inspire, to encourage and strengthen, and to help develop and improve some of the facets of their being… Average people on earth, whether or not they are aware of it, each have about a dozen spirit souls who are close to them, assisting or trying to assist them in one way or more… There is no limit to the number of spirit souls who may link themselves with us”.  Among these spirit guides, each of us has a “guardian angel” (a spirit guide not always a celestial angel) assigned to us from birth to death. As we progress spiritually we attract additional guides at that higher spiritual level.  Through meditation and prayer we can develop our relationship with the spiritual world. In this process some of us find we have skills and talents in accessing spiritual knowledge.  Even those of us who are not spiritually talented will find that we do receive guidance and meaningful, beautiful messages from time to time delivered by our spiritual guides and friends. With a PhD in Psychology and thoroughly grounded into the daily world, feeling cut off from spirituality, I nevertheless began to have contact with my dearly departed family members and spirit helpers. You can too!


One of the things I really like and respect about Spiritual Light is the fact that the information is useful and not “pie in the sky.” The Illumined Souls remind us that “like attracts like”. Most of our spirit guides communicate to us at our existing spiritual level, although some do help us with “inspiration of a much loftier nature.” As we progress to higher levels spiritually, we attract guides “from higher levels of consciousness than our own who endeavor to inspire us to greater and nobler effort… We should not worship our guides or blindly accept all that they say... There are at least as many levels among spirit people as there are among ‘mortals’.” The illumined Souls tell us that, “if one is rude and uncouth and inconsiderate of the privacy of others, so in the main will be the caliber of one’s spirit friends; if one is courteous and delicate and considerate of the privacy of others, so will one’s spirit friends be, and they will not intrude when their presence is not desired.” Our spirit guides “are in no sense of the word spies.”  


Contact with our spirit guides “should make the heart sing, and the soul rejoice. It is a truth that should help us to shoulder our burdens and responsibilities with greater willingness, greater enthusiasm, greater courage – and greater happiness. For any burden or responsibility is less heavy when we know others walk beside us.”  Let me share a recent example when my heart sang.  I awoke in the night worried about a lot of burdens I was carrying around in my heart and mind.  After tossing and turning, I drafted a quick prayer request to my main spirit guide for relief. Shortly thereafter, a song I listened to in my younger years started drifting through my mind.  If you don’t remember, look up the background and words of this wonderful song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


The Illumined Souls used specially talented mediums to communicate with us from their highest realms for Spiritual Light.  In this book they provide us with a great deal of information about mediums to help us with spirit communication. An important purpose of mediums is to enable us to communicate with deceased family and friends who’ve left the physical world. These contacts prove life after death and enable us to remain close to our dearly departed. While mediums need not be spiritual to communicate, this quality is greatly desirable, enabling them to serve as channels for elevated spirit souls. The Illumined Souls recommend that mediums receive adequate renumeration for their services but not excessive compensation. It is also recommended that they do not draw people into mediumship classes unless those individuals have a substantive chance of developing this skill. Only a few talented people can become evidential mediums for others. The Illumined Souls sound a cautious note. “Especially beware of people (on either side of life) who claimed to possess supreme power or to be the sole fount or representative of Truth. For as we know, the more advanced the being, the more humble is that being.  Errors may occur even in ‘authoritative’ works of earnest and sincere writers.”  


Spiritual Light has important information for you about what happens when you live in the spirit world. It’s important to know that you will remain yourself eternally. There is no annihilation or death of any individual as that person passes into the spiritual world.  Instead you will be returning to the spirit world with your life record, and you will gravitate to the place or level in the spirit world which you have prepared for yourself in your earthly existence. You enter with your full individuality preserved, for better or worse, as you will find out. Most good average people find themselves in a comforting place we can call Summerland.  Highly spiritual people may find themselves in a correspondingly beautiful and elevated spiritual setting.  Individuals who cannot qualify for these levels due to misdeeds on earth will find themselves confined with other similar individuals in what we might call Shadowland. Spiritual Light explains that a God of Love and Wisdom maintains a compassionate system of justice for all of us as we reenter the spirit world.


What happens to us when our body “dies” or we “pass on” or “transition” to what we sometimes call the afterlife which is actually a return to our eternal life? Spiritual Light tells us that “every soul that passes on to the spirit world is received there, without exception. It may be by one’s spirit helper, or several, by loved ones, or those specially trained to receive newcomers, or both.”  Especially if individuals “have been catapulted into spirit life suddenly, they may be taken to spirit hospitals, or to spirit homes of rest and repose… and have the care of doctors and nurses.”  Questions have been raised and inaccurate information generated by those of us on earth about the tragic fate of suicides in the afterlife. However, as in the case of all entering into the spirit world, their life records as well as  the motive for their final act are taken into consideration.


The spirit world is real and your spirit body is real. Spiritual Light tells that in spirit life “thought is not only the magnificent power behind things, but the actual stuff of which things are made.” We actually “retain replicas of the physical body in its perfect state.” Spiritual Light describes for us how and why we retain all parts corresponding to our physical bodies, often for a different purpose than on earth. Our spirit body is connected to the physical body by what is called “the silver cord.” When that cord is severed, physical death occurs instantly (without a three-day waiting period as some commentators have suggested).  Spiritual Light reassures us that the spirit body is free of scars, handicaps or any imperfections, no matter whatever physical problems we manifested on earth. Although we do lose these physical defects, we retain our individuality when we return to spirit life from our time on earth.


Spiritual Light tells us life in the spirit world is “fuller, richer, more varied and colorful and glowing and beautiful the higher we advance.”   Spiritual progress is always earned.  Spiritual Light discusses many other wonderful aspects of the afterlife including the heavenly music infused in the spiritual existence.  The music of the spheres is “indescribably beautiful, and like no other sound; and that it is full and complete, magnificent in its chords and harmonies, and in every other respect.” In the spirit world animals, just like people, retain their individuality; you will meet your beloved pets again.


Spiritual Light does not use the words hell or devil. But the Illumined Souls do describe the “lower levels of the spirit world where all is dark and dismal” and the inhabitants cannot create the beautiful sunlit gardens or mansions found in the higher levels. When their “minds remain full of ignoble and destructive thoughts, the atmosphere is necessarily of such a nature that nothing of beauty and delight can be created in it… the moment any occupants of the darker realms realize and regret past errors and wish to make amends for them” they will be met by “angels of mercy… who have voluntarily chosen the mission of helping those in darkness, will make their way down to them to aid them and guide them towards the light.”


If you are interested in understanding the afterlife (and who is not?), read more information in  Spiritual Light and then seek out channeled accounts sent by spirits who care enough for us to transmit information to us through channels and mediums.  Over the years enlightened individuals return to the spirit world with a wish to communicate with those they have left behind on earth. I wish our schools, leaders or media would tell us about the relationships of earth life to the spirit world and then provide access to these sources of information. Wishing will get us nowhere! Search and you will find! I want to share this important information with you. You can start with an article I wrote in the Advice Line section of my website: “May I Help You With Your Greatest Fear and Greatest Sorrow? Information about The Afterlife and Summerland.”  After I wrote this initial article for the Chatham County Line I added other information and stories from related sources on this webpage. Let me challenge you! If you are brave enough, read some of these stories contributed by the men and women who once walked the earth and now want to tell us about their transition back to eternal life.


It is my impression that some of the contributors to Spiritual Light are continuing to share information with us even after the Spiritual Light book was completed.  If you go to the website you will discover information brought to us by the spiritual source calling itself Sanaya.  Sanaya brings us up-to-date information in daily messages which can be directly emailed to us by Suzanne as well as longer sessions from Sanaya transcribed on her website. (Interestingly, several times as I have dictated the name Sanaya, my dictation software types the divine name “I Am” instead of Sanaya!)  Suzanne will be speaking to us locally at a conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in June; you will find details on her website.


While we reside on earth we cannot physically go higher than the top of the mountain in our peak moments.  But our minds and souls can soar as we join heaven and earth together in our lives!