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What Kind of Life Do I Want?

                                         What Kind of Life Do I Want?

STOP! Stop whatever you are doing!  It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 or 100 years old. You have an important choice to make! I know there are many things in life that you have to do, things where you have few choices: work, school, family, health, money, chores, and so forth. Also there are lots of things that you want to do: eat dinner, sleep, watch TV, spend time with the family.  It’s almost like all the choices are made for you and you just have to go along and get along. But is this enough? Who are you, just Jane or Joe walking around in an ordinary body, just doing stuff? Or are you something else? Maybe an eternal spirit? Ask yourself some questions. How do I want to live? What is my purpose?

So here I am again with information and choices for you, information from teachers at the highest spiritual levels. This is relevant information which will improve your life. Spiritual Light tells us: “Let your light so shine, that those who seek it shall absorb it! Let your heart so sing that those who cross your path shall feel the joy that is yours….All shall work in love, and in harmony, and peace, and they shall rejoice that there is only one power that is a power, that is the power of love. It is the power of Goodness, the power of Justice, and the power of the Great Spirit. This power must permeate through all humanity… By the very effort to help another, one reaches a higher state of consciousness... Let not one day go by without a kindly thought, expressed in your own fashion, for a fellow traveler. Our lives are judged not by results alone, but by intent as well. A life well lived is a life devoted not only to self-realization, but to service to one’s fellow human beings.”  “In your world today there is chaos in people’s hearts and minds throughout the world. In all nations, in all peoples, and all creeds, in all religions, there is doubt, there is fear, there is uncertainty. We come to bring assurance” so that “joy and peace and love shall reign, where now chaos and hatred and intolerance reign… Our mission – to free the children of earth from the shackles that bind them, and to bring to them the truths of the brother-and-sisterhood of humankind in its fullest expression, encircling the globe, and at last bringing peace to the children of earth.”

Wow! I hope these beautiful words make you sit up and think. Maybe I am more than just a Jane or Joe walking around in an ordinary body. I hope these important words filter through your mind and into your heart. What kind of life do I want? I do have a choice. Where can I find information and support? What better source than The Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB) and their book delivered to us from the greatest spiritual leaders of all times now speaking to us from the highest spiritual heavens.  This is the third and final article I’m writing for you about the book Spiritual Light. Please refer back to the previous two articles in the Chatham County Line and on this website. I will be influenced by this valuable work for the rest of my life and will likely be making reference to the spiritual information. However I want you to now purchase your own copy of the book which is available to you for less than $25.  Why do we need this book to understand spiritual truth?  “Re-delivery of such teachings has been necessary from time to time because they have become distorted and disfigured over time, for various reasons, and because the presentation may need to be changed to best suit the times.”  We have been honored with beautiful but often puzzling quotations from the Bible, with many centuries of scholars arguing over biblical precepts.  Now we can hear more directly in the English language from the same authors of those verses.

I asked you a question in the title of this article. Spiritual Light will help you answer this question in a deeply meaningful way, improving the rest of your life on earth as well as your eternal path.  “The USB is a way of life, not a religion. It adheres to the principle that ‘in all things we do, there is no cause greater than Truth.’ It endorses all that is good, anywhere.” It is important to realize that the USB does not dictate to us. They tell us, “we present a broad canvas of truth, portrayed by beings of extraordinary spiritual stature; but we do not expect everyone to see it in exactly the same way.” The USB emphasizes “the freedom of each individual to think things out for themselves, to reach their own conclusions, and to take only such action as they themselves decide to take.” They want us to “Think Constructively – Think Positively – Visualize That Which Is Good” and “Reason… The light of reason shall be our beacon.”  Chapter 3 on Truth provides information on recognizing truth and separating eternal truth from time-limited facts or dogma, creeds and mis-teachings.

 A major purpose of Spiritual Light is “To bring a universal awareness of the spark of God within each of us, and a realization that love is the greatest basis of spiritual life.”  Spiritual Light highlights the quotation “love thy neighbor as thyself” as “among the greatest injunctions humanity has ever received.” The beauty and value of this book can be seen in its explanation of major principles, telling us in plain English what these principles do and do not include.  What is self-love? “It is good to recognize and respect our own talents and abilities, not to make us feel superior, but to encourage us to use them. For we can respect ourselves and walk with our heads high if we do the best we can with our abilities, and if we try to be worthy of the spark of divinity each one of us possesses.”    This quotation means “being at least as charitable to another – our ‘neighbor’– as we are to ourselves… It is charity in thought word and deed. It is understanding and tenderness and compassion. It is service to others without thought of reward.”  Spiritual Light also describes loves that are “detrimental. The love of a miser for gold and other possessions… The love for adulation... The love for power, to the extent of abandoning principles in order to obtain or preserve it…The real glory comes to those who seek to serve others, humbly and selflessly, with no thought of glory, and with no thought of reward, material or spiritual… They are reaching, or have reached, ‘the kingdom.’ 

I described above a few points from 150 introductory pages presenting the philosophy and background of Spiritual Light (deluxe version.) Readers, you will have 650 more pages to peruse and read to find the remaining treasures that await you in the rest of this book.  I can assure you that I would not have recommended this book to you unless I had read and profited from reading every page. Each one of you will find important information and personal guidance within your copy of the book. Go to the website to purchase the book. You can also sign up to become a member of the USB on the website.

Spiritual Light provides information pertinent to current problems of modern life. In my previous articles you’ve seen me write about issues such as wars, corporate control of the media, need for protection of wildlife and our natural environment as well as psychological problems. Although Spiritual Light was originally composed some years ago, these problems have been intensifying.  “One factor is the decline in the caliber of those appointed to positions of authority. Another factor is the cynical betrayal of campaign platforms and promises by elected officeholders. In too many places, the ‘ins’ take advantage of those who placed them there… and are willing to feed the rest of the world while some of their own people starve.”  Politicians and others “who fail to exert every effort to keep promises freely made... may think they can ‘get away with it’… incur a debt that must be paid. It is a lesson that many individuals and many nations have not yet learned, but will eventually learn… A promise made should be a promise kept.”  Another issue: “It is sad to see people… deliberately doing as little as possible to get as much as possible… Pleasure and excitement, which inevitably cloy, are preferred to visions and ideals of love and service to others. These character deficiencies are encouraged by many leaders… who, for the sake of votes, promise all things to all people.”  Spiritual Light also tells us that “understanding, tolerance, and compassion should accompany... the sincerest motives. Much of history’s long chronicle of bloodshed, including the slaughter of entire populations, lies at the door of those who were genuinely sincere in their beliefs… They benefit humanity only when they are attended by a profound regard for the life and rights of others.”  Also pointed out is “Slavery to Empty Things… Examples are of the custom of immediately and blindly following every whim of `fashion’… Behind almost every incidence of such voluntary slavery lies snobbery, and an inner sense of insecurity, immaturity, and incompleteness.”  A related issue: “It is too common to confuse desires with needs… The individual who strives full-time to acquire far more material possessions than he or she will ever need, frequently becomes a slave to them, instead of their master.”  Spiritual Light tells us, “it is surprising how many ‘successful’ people attribute their success to themselves alone, little aware of the individuals, usually unseen and unknown to them, who augmented their endeavors… They can best show their gratitude to God not by endless recitals of God’s worth, but by befriending those in need, offering a hand when others find the road too long or the load to heavy.”  You will also find information about revenge and bitterness, pride, self-pity, rage, cheerfulness, sports and sporting behavior, instant fulfillment, greed, and other important topics in this second “Wordly” part of the book.

Spiritual Light brings new understanding to practices and principles thought to be moral but which actually have been misinterpreted to the detriment of humanity. I’ll discuss three of these issues here. “Many of the words attributed to great teachers of the past are words they could not possibly have spoken, enlightened as they were, but words ascribed to them by others… Among such ascribed teachings are the injunctions to resist not evil but to turn the other cheek and to forgive ‘until seventy times seven’ the sins committed against us… If we imagine we gain in spirituality by meekly submitting to attack or repeated wrongs, we need wise counsel… We have emphasized that while we can overlook wrongs, or cease to hold them against another, it is not in our power… to forgive anyone… As for not resisting evil, the record shows that evil waxes fatter and more powerful the longer it is unopposed. And if there is one lesson history teaches… it is the folly of appeasement.”  Another issue concerns tithing.  “Tithing is a custom purely created by humans, one established mainly for the benefit of organizations that presume to speak for God, and, in their presumption, imagine they are entitled to respect and tribute. Tithing has almost always been a measure designed to secure a greater hold on the people… Tithing often places the heaviest burden on those who can least afford it… Tithing… Is frequently made with the expectation of material or spiritual return…. But no one can buy a place in the sun spiritually, either for oneself or others, and vain are all gifts of any sort made with the purpose of securing spiritual blessings.”   Another surprise to some is the reasoned approach to astrology and horoscopes in section 10.2 casting doubt on predictions affecting individual lives and which can be especially harmful when “used as a vehicle for prophecy” or people “abdicate their own judgment and initiative.”  “We ourselves are responsible for what we say, think and do; that we are the product of all that we have been; and that we are our own saviors. For ourselves, we subscribe to the words of Shakespeare’s Cassius, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves...’”

I hope, not my articles by themselves, but the beautiful truth of this book will lead you to choose Spiritual Light to guide you in your continued choices about the type of life YOU choose to lead!