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I Can Change Myself!

                                                I Can Change Myself, Cure Myself, Become All I Want to Be!


Okay, so your New Years Eve resolutions have failed, and now you hate me because I’m reminding you that the positive changes haven’t happened.  And you’ll hate me even more if I remind you of the chores you haven’t finished. So I won’t. But I will tell you about one more way to change your life for the better. That’s my path and purpose in life… helping others, so keep on reading.


To introduce the author of an exciting new approach to revitalization and self renewal, let me tell you about the seminal change in this man’s life that led to these revelations. And when you hear what he was able to do for himself, you’ll be able to move past speculation and doubt and on to an understanding of our fantastic potential for self renewal, far beyond even successful New Years Eve resolutions.  Dr. Joe Dispenza sustained a devastating injury while running a triathlon when a car going 55 miles an hour slammed into his bicycle leaving six broken vertebrae in his spine. Four leading neurologists and orthopedic surgeons delivered a grim prognosis: undergo implantation of a Harrington Rod in his spine resulting in a chance to walk again but with lifelong disability and chronic pain. Dispenza, a chiropractor, decided against the medical model in favor of his belief in the intelligence of the body, “an invisible consciousness, within each of us that’s the giver of life. It supports, maintains, protects, and heals us every moment.” Dispenza found, “at 9 ½ weeks after the accident, I got up and walked back into my life – without having any body cast or any surgeries. I had reached full recovery.”  Since these events in 1986, Dispenza has been studying, improving and documenting his approach, presenting his results to us in many years of writing articles and books while also developing workshops and CD programs to help us make major changes in our lives. He appears as a vital and intact person in mind and body dedicated to sharing his life improvement results with all of us.


I’m going to describe for you some of the major insights from his latest book, “You Are the Placebo, making your mind matter.” Hay House, 2014. I’ve studied placebos and placebo cures in the past but with far less interest than today. Previous studies appeared to suggest that the cures were limited and occurred only when the individuals were deceived or unaware that the pill or technique utilized was actually a placebo with no power except the individual’s expectation of a cure. I became more excited when I discovered some current research demonstrating that placebo cures occur even when the individuals were told the medicine or intervention was a placebo! How could this be?


Placebo research is now dovetailing with Dispenza’s combination of spirituality and quantum theory applied to life changes.  He asked, “What if people begin to believe in themselves instead of something outside of themselves? What if they believe that they can change something inside of them and move themselves to the same state of being as someone who’s taken a placebo?... This book is all about transforming illness and disease… None of the methods you’ll read about here involve denying whatever health conditions you may presently have.” Dispenza states his exciting goal: “healing yourself through thought alone.”


This book begins with several chapters describing just a few of the amazing changes individuals have made demonstrating the power of the human mind and placebo research.  Examples: “a woman plagued by depression for decades who improved dramatically during an antidepressant drug trial, despite the fact that she was in the group receiving a placebo; and a handful of veterans hobbled by osteoarthritis who were miraculously cured by fake knee surgery.” The book also describes the nocebo effect, the opposite of placebo, for example “a man who died after hearing he had cancer, even though his autopsy revealed that he’d been misdiagnosed.”  Dispenza then explains “as long as you’re thinking the same thoughts, they’ll lead to the same choices, which cause the same behaviors, which create the same experiences, which produce the same emotions, which in turn drive the same thoughts-- so that neuro-chemically, you stay the same. In effect you’re reminding yourself of who you think you are.” Dispenza then explains that you are not hardwired to do this for the rest of your life. “We now know that the brain is capable of changing throughout our lives, creating new neural pathways and new connections.” Dispenza provides examples of his approach, “making your inner thoughts more real than the outer environment, because then the brain won’t know the difference between the two and will change to look as if the event has taken place. If you’re able to do this successfully enough times, you’ll transform your body and begin to activate new genes in new ways, producing epigenetic changes – just as though the imagined future event were real. And then you can walk right into that new reality and become the placebo.”


Dispenza describes his approach in detail in the remainder of the book. He states that “the conscious mind is only 5% of who we are. The remaining 95% is a set of subconscious program states in which the body has become the mind.” You’ll learn that you must get beyond the analytic mind and enter into the operating system of your subconscious programs if you want your new thoughts to result in new outcomes and change your genetic destiny. The analytic approach which we prize can block this approach. Dispenza describes a meditative approach and brain wave states which are the most conducive to these changes. While this appears theoretical, and is based upon theory, positive results can be obtained using this approach. Dispenza describes the approach he successfully utilized on himself and others in his practice and workshops. He explains the quantum model of reality which has found that all possibilities exist in the present moment and how to select the possibility you choose for yourself. “You must combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion that conditions your body to believe that the future potential that you selected from the quantum field has already happened. The elevated emotion is vital, because only when your choice carries an amplitude of energy that’s greater than the hardwired programs in your brain and the emotional addiction in your body will you be able to change your brain’s circuitry and your body’s genetic expression.”


Is this approach magic? Of course not. It does take time but it does work!  If you have time and finances, you can sign up for Dispenza’s workshops where the group process is conducive to more rapid change. Additionally Dispenza has provided detailed information about the meditative approach you can utilize in your own home in Part II “Transformation” of this book. He describes preparation for open focus meditation to help you enter what “really isn’t just empty blackness; it’s the quantum field, and is just bursting with energy and possibility.”  Dispenza describes the guided meditation in detail so you can record it for yourself and also provides audio CDs or MP3 files for the “You Are the Placebo Book Meditation” on his website or through sales outlets such as Amazon.  I also ordered his CD “Reconditioning The Body To A New Mind.”  His CDs provide us  with beautiful and relaxing but exciting background music for his inspired commentary.  Have I totally changed my life yet? Of course not. I’m just beginning to use his approach, but do have enough experience in this field to recommend it to you! Why not spend some time in the quantum field enjoying this experience?  In my past I have been inspired by structured meditations such as the Loving Kindness Meditation (described on my website) and not inspired by meditations which simply seem to turn off contact with present reality without providing a more positive and sustained approach to life change.


I talk and write often about steps on the path to the top of the mountain of life and to eternal life. Here’s another path provided for us by someone who has traveled the path and is providing directions for us to use.  And don’t forget the inspired book Spiritual Light described in my last three articles. Hold this Light in your heart as your journey up the mountain!