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Your Spiritual IQ

                                                              YOUR SPIRITUAL IQ


You may know your intelligence IQ produced by IQ testing, but do you know your spiritual IQ

(SIQ)? Now you are probably wondering: what the heck is a spiritual IQ?… What is Phillips up to now?  In case you are tempted to look it up on Google, don’t bother. Yes I am up to something… It’s to make a point and then provide information.


Yes, I mean to start you off on a path to improve your spiritual IQ. Now why would that matter? If you are young you’ll probably want to stop reading and pick up your iPhone or iPad or i-something and twitter away. If you are middle-aged you might be interested or you might cut out this article to look at later… like when you’re old. And then when you are older you might be thinking or wondering what will happen to you…later, after you’ve signed up for medicare.  But those of you who are intelligent might be thinking that you might just exist after medicare and even after hospice. There might in fact be eternal life and you may want to go to the good place and not the other.


So for you intelligent people thinking ahead, I’m here to provide up to the minute information that will start you on your path to an improved spiritual IQ. You might think you can find out all about the afterlife if you actually read the Bible or go to Church… But then again, wouldn’t it be better to have your own personal Spiritual IQ? Assuming eternal life is really eternal, eternity is a long, long time and maybe you’d better look into making your own reservations and travel plans.


If you’ve been reading my Advice Line articles, you know I have an interest in writing from time to time about spiritual topics. And my clock is ticking as is yours, and I am becoming more and more interested in this topic as my age advances every year. Yes, every year we get older and sometime we will even qualify as certifiably old!


So my topic for this month is to inform you about additional resources which will definitely improve your spiritual IQ. And you can check out my existing articles about this topic on this website. As you will discover if and when you delve into this topic, there are many people out there purporting to be the most advanced and informed spiritualists and sooth-sayers. But are they? You’ll notice they don’t all say the same things.  Some are love and light and some are doom and gloom. So I’m here to give you some tried and true advice to be sure you will advance your SIQ! 


I started into my spiritual quest in 2007 when my 93-year-old father began to worry about his spiritual IQ as he entered hospice services in my home. So now it’s 2015 and I’ve been researching this topic for eight years. I must confess I wasn’t a believer in anything much except humanism until I became a serious student of this topic. I received my PhD in Psychology years ago. Now I’m working to bring my SIQ up to a PhD level. After wandering through a lot of materials I can now say I am proud of my SIQ; meaning I think its good enough to at least get me through the pearly gates.


Some people just read one book or believe in one source... a strategy almost guaranteed to produce misinformation. Today I’m providing information about one of the resources I discovered by and for intelligent people who want to invest in the best education to fortify their SIQ.:  the. Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (online and PO Box 84, Loxahatchee, FL 33470).   The Academy provides many resources including free information on their website (  Check out their library which has four “Rooms” which direct you to a great deal of fascinating research about these topics. Let me provide one example. The first topic in the Evidence Room, spirit contact cases, actually describes a chess game between two chess masters, only one which was alive in this world at the time!   At this point you might be thinking that Phillips has lost her regular IQ, not to mention her spiritual IQ, but just read it anyway. And keep looking at the Academy resources.  If you are an intelligent person with some curiosity, you will spend time perusing this library. Note the list of Academy staff and Board of Directors.  They do not list their SIQs, but you will find a lot of letters after their names. If you have $25 per year, you can also qualify to receive their twice a year academic Journal (the last one 80 pages of information) and bimonthly newsletter The Searchlight, (last one16 pages) both mailed to your home.  The Academy holds conferences every year in interesting locations around the country. Your membership would also qualify you for a journal of the proceedings of each conference. The proceedings of the most recent conference consist of a book of 333 pages of fascinating reading, all included in your yearly membership (and you can purchase this book, “Aspects of Consciousness” for $16.95.) I do believe that you can have a genius SIQ without any contact with this Academy, but this certainly is a good place to start. I’d call it the Harvard University for spiritual studies.  (And, interestingly enough, one of the Psychologist presenters at these conferences also studied at William James Hall at Harvard where I studied before I departed Cambridge with my PhD.) The Academy is clearly not a fly-by-night organization; it was incorporated in 1973. You will find your SIQ will soar as you take advantage of this great information offered by the Academy.  When you think about all the profit making companies and enterprises in this country, you’ll appreciate even more their very reasonable fees and nonprofit status.


Why am I so jazzed up about this organization? Not only is it a great resource, but they had a fantastic conference this June in Chapel Hill.  Why am I now telling you about a conference that is concluded? I actually tried to send out information to you in the Chatlist, but my post was turned down because I was told the meeting was not held in Chatham County. (Such is life.)  But even though this conference is over, you can take advantage of the information through their conference proceedings book described above.  You can start anywhere to raise your SIQ, but why not start with verified and verifiable resources from this valuable organization?


Let me offer you some information guaranteed to raise your SIQ right now. You may recall reading my Christmas 2014 Advice Line article which told you about Suzanne Giesemann, a Naval Commander who actually became a medium after she retired. Read her book “Messages of Hope” to find out about this unexpected and amazing transition. Her article in the Conference Proceedings “Getting Out of the Box” will jolt you out of your every day doldrums. Suzanne’s website, www, will also provide you realms of evidential material in this area.  You can receive daily inspirational information from the highest spiritual levels from Sanaya Says emails which you can sign up for as well as their channeled sessions.  At the conference Suzanne channeled Sanaya, leaving the audience spellbound as they heard words from the universe tell us about the power of love.  You can read or even listen to that session on her website.


I’ll mention a few other major resources among the many presented at the conference which you can pursue in the future.  Highlights of the conference included the presentations of Dr. Gary Schwartz who is an esteemed scientist and professor from the University of Arizona. Initially a skeptic, but a curious skeptic, he has pursued many areas of evidence in this field.  If you look at his impressive list of books published on related topics you will see his ever expanding discoveries in the spiritual area.  As he perused his scientific investigations he continued providing more and more definitive information about the amazing spiritual world around us.  One of his presentations at this conference described his seminal work in capturing vibrations from deceased people and spirits in his laboratory!  Would you believe that?  No I’m not crazy: just check it out.


The director of the Monroe Institute made a moving presentation describing their past, present and future work in the spiritual areas. Robert Monroe was a spiritual pioneer after he surprised himself one night, finding himself floating on the ceiling looking down at his body.  Long story short, he began to study spiritual phenomenon, completed three books about his personal explorations in the spiritual areas, then went on to found the Monroe Institute.  If you go to their website you will find out more about their discoveries and their offerings to you in the form of workshops as well as hemi-sync audio and visual resources.  I have some articles on my website about the hemi-sync music and a lending library in my office to enable you to sample them. They also offer intensive and advanced workshops which you could read about on their website. Most of workshops do require a major commitment of time and finances for a week stay there, but I have been able to participate as well as some of my clients.  We will all tell you the time spent will certainly open up your spiritual perspectives and increase your SIQ   it is very helpful that the Institute is held in the beautiful blue mountains of Virginia just a three-hour drive from here.


You don’t have to travel very far from your bedroom if you are interested in lucid dreaming. The major resource in this area is Robert Waggoner who made an inspired presentation at the workshop accompanied by a standing room ovation. His books “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self” and the newly released “Lucid Dreaming: Plain and Simple” will help you explore this promising technique for self change as well as spirituality expansion.  Waggoner explained how to access lucid dreaming techniques to actually learn or practice skills and resolve emotional issues and health problems as well as spend dreamtime in spiritual realms.


I could go on: but now it’s time for you to begin your spiritual exploration or expand your knowledge in spiritual matters. When I say knowledge, I’m not just talking about head knowledge. The actual center of spirituality is the heart which I’ve explained in earlier articles is much stronger and actually more intelligent than the brain center. Just remember that we leave the brain behind when we travel to eternal life.  Some of you know that my beloved sister Barbara just traveled to heaven.  The message I received from her is “It’s beautiful here; it’s beyond anything anyone can comprehend. Love is all you need. Love contains all the knowledge in the universe!”