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Mommy. mommy: What's beyond the stars?




                                             Mommy, mommy:  What’s Beyond the Stars?


It seems like I’ve been asking this question my entire life. As a child I remember sitting outside, looking up and up and up and wondering: what is up there? I know, you tell me, there’s sun and planets and stars, but what is really up there? Well, my mother didn’t know then, but she let me look at our encyclopedia and took me to the library. That was a long time ago, way before the Internet. There was nothing to learn in the children’s section of the library, and the encyclopedia just wrote about how far away the stars were. Because I was bright they let me check out books from the adult library. But they had to inspect every book I checked out. I figured out they wanted to protect me from that three letter word that starts with S and ends with X. So I was protected, but that was not my interest anyway. So I would sit outside, looking up, wondering.  There was a mystery, something about love and life which made my heart beat and my imagination flourish. One day in Sunday school I asked if there was life on Mars. I recall receiving some condescending simple response which did not answer my question. I had to give up for awhile.


Since that time there have been musical answers. Debbie Reynolds sang a song which appealed to me titled “Beyond The Stars”: “Far beyond the stars, My soul is longing to go, there beyond the stars, To a better place I know. Through the darkest night, I can see the heavenly glow. Far away, far away, beyond the stars.” You may recall  “Over The Rainbow” sung by Judy Garland. “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, There is a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true.” I asked this question today on the Internet and found there have been other songs about this issue. But the Internet could not answer my question either.


As I grew up I had to put this question away for awhile, although it would burn in my heart often and especially whenever a family member died and left me. I decided to become a humanist and leave these existential questions for the future. This felt right. Part of the essential purpose and meaning in life is helping others. That always feels right and when something like this feels right, wisdom can be found in the undertaking. But still there were no answers. College at Brown, graduate school at Harvard, work as a psychologist, marriage and children, still no answers. But I was certainly busy helping people!


Meanwhile, scientists and space explorers have been asking the same questions. Is there life on other planets?  So they began launching all kinds of space vehicles in an attempt to discover life on other planets. So far the conclusion released to the public states that there is no evidence discovered as to life other than ours on earth.  These scientists are obviously looking for examples in space of the kinds of life that exist on earth.  After every exploration they report that conditions in space are not similar to earth conditions and therefore cannot support life.  I don’t know what you think about this, but my thoughts keep hovering around the feeling that this is really “stupid.”  They seem to be looking only for life as we know it. The commentators explain that stars with gas environments cannot contain water and therefore cannot sustain life. But my questioning mind thinks that star gas-guzzling entities could live on the stars. Why not?


  So let’s think about and explore information and concepts about life in outer space. Surely you’ve heard of Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who returned from space with a profound and mystical experience relating to additional possibilities beyond the known world. He went on to found IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, to explore the rest of reality. You can join the Institute or simply read about the information they have been exploring and detailing to demonstrate realities beyond the known world.


As additional information let’s think about the Roswell incident. Sixty-seven years after the alleged landing of alien spaceships at Roswell, information continues to slip out verifying that alien bodies and spaceships were recovered from the site.  One example: the public relations officer at the base in 1947 issued a press release about a flying saucer landing, then corrected the official report to state that weather balloons had instead been recovered. Interestingly, after he died in 2006, he left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death that the weather balloon claim was a cover story and that alien bodies and spaceship wreckage had actually been recovered. Other reports trickle out to verify the original story about space aliens landing in Roswell.  These reports have led to the conclusion that at least some parts of the government have been actively concealing information about space people and spaceships.


What in fact does the government know about space aliens? Plenty it appears. There’s an easy way to begin to explore this information in a book entitled “Disclosure; Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History,” Sleven Greer, Crossing Point, 2001.  At the National Press Club in Washington DC, Greer presented the Disclosure Project information reports wherein more than 200 military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses testified as to government information about extraterrestrials and UFOs.  Greer has also described an attack on his life and his secretary which he survived but she did not.  If you let your fingers do the walking throughout Amazon Books, you will find many other reports and records, although not always as detailed and verifiable as those put forth by Dr. Greer.


There are many other explorations and information about life beyond the stars, some scientifically-based and some information mystically or psychically experienced.  A truly fascinating book is “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, current printing Perfect Paperback, 2011.  This book describes the populations of star beings living on various planets and stars such as the Pleiades, Arcturus and Lyra, and the influence of these star civilizations on the development of our human history on earth.  I have had the chance to read and explore similar books and channelings, and this book compiles much of this information into a readable format.


But I still wanted to know all about my question and especially what would happen to me when I leave my body behind.  Mommy left me in 2001 without answering my question. She left this earth just following the 9/11 disaster which left a lot of questions for all of us. By the time Dad moved in with us in 2007 for his final year of life, he was very afraid of what he would find beyond the stars. So I decided to try to help him make his transition to the afterlife. But I didn’t know how. All of a sudden, information about near-death experiences popped into my brain. I found a wonderful website Near Death Experiences Research Foundation ( which has now accumulated almost 3900 reports of these experiences collected throughout the world.   My father was relieved to read about these near-death experiences which could be extrapolated into ideas about what could be encountered while exiting earth.  He made his transition to the afterlife peacefully holding my hand, and three owls sounded their blessings outside his window.


Although reporters have many chuckles about these near-death experience stories and skeptics speak loudly, check out “Proof of Heaven,” Eben Alexander,M.D., Simon and Schuster, 2012, as well as his other books and articles.. A skeptical neuroscientist, Dr. Alexander was certifiably clinically dead for seven days during which he apparently journeyed through the afterlife and then reemerged in his body, now a believer, to tell us the story of what lies beyond our physical reality.  You can read as many skeptics as you want, but pay attention to what Dr. Alexander tells us about what lies beyond the stars!


And I have been actively studying everything I could find since 2007. If you are interested, you can find more information about the answers I started receiving which I described in several articles on my website. Check out the Advice Line section of this website. I won’t review all this information for you here as I have already reported it on the website. You can read it there for yourself.  “Survival of Consciousness?”, and “May I Help You with Your Greatest Fear and Greatest Sorrow?”, and the follow-up, “Will my GPS get me to Summerland?”  Those articles will cover a lot of ground for you about spirituality in the eternal life.


If you’re still reading, I assume you are interested in this topic also. When I find myself actually beyond the stars and no longer in this world physically, I’ll know a lot more about this topic but probably will not be in a position to write articles for the Chatham County Line. So keep reading and I’ll tell you more about what I’ve been able to find out while I am still hanging out in Chatham County, USA, World.


For more information about eternal life, I’ll describe a few books which will also be helpful additions to your knowledge. A great find was a series of two books by Jeffrey A Marks, Arago Press, “The Afterlife Interviews,” Volume 1, 2012, and Volume 2, 2014.   Jeffrey is a talented medium which I can verify as I paid for a consultation myself.  Marks developed a series of questions about the afterlife and systematically explored the answers provided by pairs of his clients with their relatives now on the other side (i.e, Summerland.)  The answers from the Afterlife are fascinating and extremely consistent with each other and correlated information. Basically you will read a viewpoint about the experiences of regular people as they entered and continued their existence as spirits at this level in the afterlife.  An interesting contrast was provided by Annie Kagan’s book, “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers,” Hampton Roads, 2013.  Billy apparently skipped the need to begin his spirit life in Summerland and moved immediately to a higher psychic level. The book is a fascinating presentation of information he shared with his sister as he floated around the universe, exploring and describing what he found therein. What about the levels below Summerland?  You can find an interesting perspective on this level in the book “Life in the World Unseen” related by Monsignor Benson from the afterlife to Anthony Borgia. ((Various editions are published.) In addition to information about Summerland and beyond, Monsignor Benson described a very interesting tour through parts of the lower levels of the afterlife.


As I continue to research in whatever way I can information about this fascinating topic, I will write articles and provide you and my clients with information you may be interested in receiving about this issue.  My latest articles on your Spiritual IQ and the Golden Rule will provide you additional resources for reading and exploring these topics. From time to time I’ll be updating my articles and am also available to discuss these topics with you to help you explore your interests in these areas. As you can tell I find it expedient to give you written references which you can pursue. There are many other avenues which can be extremely useful in your search for answers, including meditation, spirituality, consultations, mediums, time in nature, art, music, and so forth. At night, as dusk falls, you can continue your search for your own answers to these ultimate questions. As you watch the stars emerging you can send your heart and your spirit to join with you in this magic environment!


My Mommy never told me what is beyond the stars.  But she did help me begin my quest to find out for myself. We all will discover our afterlife issues as we depart our earthly existence.  I know there are a number of people who believe there is nothing after they take their last human breath,

Maybe they will find nothing for themselves. But others and likely all of us will find an eternal existence continuing forever and based upon the progress we have made in this life as we traveled toward our stars.