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My Present to You for Christmas and the New Year



                                                               My Present to You for Christmas and the New Year


Today you may be running around buying presents or making hopeful lists for the new acquisitions you desire. Deep down, however, you know that Christmas presents are not really the issue. The issue is whether you and your loved ones are enjoying a life of well-being with material acquisitions only a minor and temporary interlude in your life.  If you’ve read my columns, you know I’m really not planning to write about holidays or presents. You know I want to write about your happiness and well-being, especially as it relates to a very important issue which is your spiritual well-being in this life and your eternal life. So my present today to you for your life and future is to introduce you to a marvelous source of information and inspiration: the life work of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I want to lead you to his autobiographical and culminating work, his 2015 book “I Can See Clearly Now” published by Hay House.  Hopefully you are a reader because this is a book you will underline and read many times. If you’re not a reader, you’ll find many audiovisual products available where Wayne was photographed on YouTube or in his PBS specials, CD and DVDs.


This article will be one of my shorter articles because I want YOU To See More Clearly NOW!  You can travel through this book with Wayne and consecutively or subsequently travel throughout your own life benefiting from his inspiration as he learns to see clearly the important parts of life. If you had a comfortable and privileged life so far, you are very fortunate as Wayne did not. He worked, persevered and acquired new learning at each stage of a difficult life. You may be saying, wait a minute, didn’t he earn a lot of money through his speeches and books? Yes, he did, but he often paused to give away his money to others less fortunate. Wayne Dyer worked nonstop throughout his life until there was nothing more to accomplish here and he could see clearly into his eternal life.  If you lived in foster homes and orphanages as a child and then worked full-time throughout your life, then you will understand his issues, success and triumphs.  If you were abandoned by a parent you never knew until you found your father’s gravesite, you will understand Wayne Dyer a little better.  If you worked to earn a prestigious psychology professorship and clinical practice and then gave it up to write 41 books and lecture to you and me and all of us, then you will begin to understand this man.


To tell the truth (I always do), I was not overly impressed with Wayne Dyer and what I knew of him in the past. As a psychologist myself, I was not especially attracted to his earlier works which explained and taught psychology outside of the classroom and therapy room.  It was only in reading this book that I came to understand the heart and soul of this complex and wonderful man. The title of the book is very important!  In describing various stages of his life, Wayne will tell you what and how he learned and how he was able to see more clearly at each stage of his life.  More clearly into what?  More clearly into the most important parts of life and death and on into eternal life. Wayne Dyer learned the importance of passion in life and the problem with apathy when we lose connection with Spirit or Source. Wayne tells us, “there are lessons in every moment of time.”  He came to know and realize the importance of his higher self as he learned to understand the limitations of external definitions of success. He tells us to “live so as to be detached from outcome. Do it all because it resonates from your highest self and not because of the rewards that might come your way.”


Wayne developed a facility using words and explanations of truth and eternal truths. How did he learn this? The hard way! As he worked throughout his life, he carefully accumulated indexes of vocabulary words and quotations. Self educated as a young adult, he created and memorized lists of vocabulary words in order to obtain a college and then a graduate education. Wayne obviously also loved to read the works of great writers as well as to pay them their due respect as he explained their teachings in his books.   His works are full of important quotations from the greatest writers of our times. For example, in explaining the importance of Eternal Spirit he could quote the great Nobel Prize winner in physics, Max Planck, as to “the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind… the matrix of all matter.” If you are like Wayne Dyer, read his books with pen and note cards to record important points you wish to remember for yourself. Wayne tells us to keep our minds “truly open to everything and attached to nothing” as we live and learn, “replacing prejudice with compassion and always coming from a place of love.”  Wayne learned that “to blindly follow rules just because they are rules is to lose control over your whole life.”


You will find it very interesting that Wayne Dyer wrote most of this book in the present tense starting with his observations as a toddler in a snow bank.  You will be able to experience his life as it occurred, step-by-step, in the same way that your own life has unfolded.  At each stage in his life Wayne learned to see more clearly into the most important parts of existence. You’ll see many of his mistakes and missteps as he chronicled his life stages in the present tense and then his insights and subsequent changes as he progressed through the years. You, too, can learn about the importance of love and eternal life as your years go by. Hopefully, as Wayne clearly demonstrated in this book, you can take each decade into your heart and mind, moving toward your own transition to eternal life!


Wayne tells us how he learned “to allow my highest inner self to become the dominant influence in my life.” He learned to live his life “so as to be detached from outcome. Do it all because it resonates from your highest self and not because of the rewards that might come your way.” He tells us “when you have a choice to be right or be kind, always pick kind. Living from your highest spiritual sense is the essence of all it means to be a self actualized person.”  These quotations may suggest that his book is preachy. He does preach at times, but he writes from his heart and describes many difficult parts of his life. He describes turning points such as we have experienced or could experience such as gaining weight, needing to exercise, or experiencing relationship difficulties, all in the process of seeing more clearly into his life. Wayne worked continuously, at one point telling us that “the elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…One step at a time.” One of the high points Wayne described was the time he spent in a cemetery when he finally discovered his father in his father’s gravesite.  He was finally able to forgive this man who had wronged Wayne and his family so grievously. Wayne spent hours meditating and crying and finally sending his father love, peace, understanding and forgiveness.


Although Wayne Dyer spent a great deal of time and energy in preparing and writing his books, as

he moved throughout his life and saw more clearly into the issues of higher spirit, he became more and more attuned to the profound messages of life. At times he felt like he was producing “channeled writing. I was the instrument, and the words just magically appeared on the pad of paper. My hand moved effortlessly and very fast.” He felt like something “akin to real magic was taking place… Today I can see clearly that this was my introduction to the idea that all writing is really channeled from the world of the invisible… I know now that God writes all the books… It’s the spirit that gives life and words on a page appearing out of nowhere are a result of the dance of creation.”


If you love Saint Francis of Assisi, you will love Wayne’s relationship with this spiritual teacher. Wayne studied the work of St. Francis and visited Assisi several times, introducing the profound teachings of this beautiful man. After the first visit, Wayne released the book “There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” based on the famous Prayer of Saint Francis. In this book Wayne concentrated upon the second verse of this prayer which reads, “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Liife.” During Wayne’s last tour of Assisi he uncharacteristically froze on stage, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling that he had merged with St. Francis. Wayne wrote, “My hands are outstretched, and the audience stands in the church and simply holds out their arms back to me. They stay with me and I feel their loving embrace even though there is no touching or even movement… I know something very dramatic and powerful just transpired. I have experienced the merging of my inner self with the spirit who has long played a dominant role in my personal and spiritual development.”  Several years later, by 2015, Wayne had finished his autobiography and prepared for his final trip into spiritual existence.


Wayne closed this book offering advice to his readers to help all of us see “even more clearly in living your life from a place of passion and purpose. Love, I AM, Wayne.”  Wayne Dyer died in his sleep, August 29, 2015, leaving the earth when his physical heart stopped beating. Earlier Wayne had conquered leukemia with the help of John of God from Brazil. It was reported that Wayne left us with no traces of cancer in his body. A talented medium, Cherie Lassiter, assisted in contacting Wayne’s spirit recently. He explained that he had studied and written all he could in his earthly life and now he had transitioned to an eternal life of pure love. He assured us that he will continue his teachings to mankind until each of us is able to join him in spirit.  His words again, are “Love, I AM, Wayne.”