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You ARE an Eternal Spirit




                                                                                   You ARE an Eternal Spirit!


You have been and always will be yourself, but your eternal self is not identical to your present name or identity. I’ve been researching this concept for the last 10 years and have finally come to realize the mind blowing and mind twisting fact that “I” will always exist beyond my current physical body and present name. But this article is about YOU. The last few years of my articles for the Chatham County Line contain information about this topic starting with “Survival of Consciousness?” (Now printed in the Advice Line section of my website www.BettyPhillips  Many of these articles discuss aspects of Eternal Life which I’ve been researching persistently. The book I’m recommending today is an easy read, only 174 pages, but will help you understand the prospects for your return to your eternal life. Direct and clearly readable, it is a worthwhile investment of your time:  A World Beyond, Ruth Montgomery, Ballantine, 1972. As you will be existing for the rest of eternity, you might want to understand these issues and make preparations for the next step in your journey throughout eternal life.  Many of my latest articles, and those to follow, address these concepts. This book and this article contain information from direct knowledgeable sources, so you will not be relying upon my personal wishes or prejudices or fantasies about this important issue.


Arthur Ford was a minister and then a medium for 50 years. He was America’s best-known living medium when he suffered his fatal heart attack in 1971. He had been ordained a Christian minister in the Disciples of Christ Church and was drawn into Psychical Research, studying under Swami Yogananda and others. He was also well known for the fact that in 1928 he broke the Houdini Code left after Houdini’s death. Ruth Montgomery was an accomplished writer when Ford chose to contact her from the other side. They had known each other in life despite the fact that she originally wrote a newspaper series debunking mediums. Being open-minded, she began further research on psychic phenomena and was able to observe and study Ford’s work before he died. Feeling an impelling urge to go to her typewriter the day of Ford’s death, she received the following message: “Arthur Ford is here… Glad to be rid of the worn-out body which caused him such pain… Ready to discuss “the Kingdom of God is within.”  Let me assure you that I have read and studied a number of these books transmitted from the other side. This book is clearly written and consistent with the best books to be found on this issue. In this article I’ll be sharing highlights from Ford and his heavenly colleagues to increase your interest in reading and studying information about the afterlife. We all need to prepare for Eternity, in addition to managing to cope with the issues and the problems of our present lives.


Ford tells us “We are the co-creators with God of what we find ourselves here; in our eternal lives.  “With your own thoughts, you are not only creating the pattern of your future lives but your own heaven or hell."  Note his choice of "heaven or hell."  In the early chapters of this book Ford discusses

preparation for our heavenly journey and the various scenarios which occur there. Let me ask you a question. When you take a trip, do you plan where you want to go, how to get there and what to do? Very important, are you prepared, can you afford the trip and know what you will face when you arrive? Pay attention; this is the most important journey of your life, the trip after death. Good Luck! Ford, through Montgomery, presents time-honored travel advice. Prepare now! Actually you’ll find more happiness there and a more positive outcome when you do arrive. Yes, YOU, reader, will arrive with your own life record in hand to find eternal happiness… Or not!


Ford, a believer, a Christian and an ordained minister, does challenge some traditional concepts of the path to Heaven.  Let’s discuss the directions to Eternal Life. No, sadly your travel guides, iPhones or apps will not help. What about the Pearly Gates? You won’t find them. Ford explained, “Let’s take the case of someone who is expecting to find Angels and harps floating around in the blue sky, with marble buildings and mansions, and a high throne where God sits all day and night, looking benevolently at the happy souls. This.. just isn’t true.”  What about purgatory? When you prepare in a positive way for your eternal life, there is no need to stop there. Ford explains that there is a section of the afterlife during the crossover phase where the soul hovers, filled with people “mostly with those who made no preparation... to recover from the shock of giving up their bodies. Should we worry about the Devil? Yes and no. “There is a devil, but not as man conceives it. The devil is a force of evil which has been gathering in the earth since man first trod in physical form. It is the residue of that which is evil… This evil gathers force as each passing generation places its own stamp of evil doing on the force that we think of as the devil. The devil was not a person ever but a force so powerful that it gathers strength with each new wrongdoing, just as good shines forth more brightly with each kind and thoughtful deed.”


How should we prepare in this life? Live according to your conscience! Ford tells us that there is no judgment in the next stage of life except by our own conscience. He describes, “this voice of inner conscience is a part of God, as we are ourselves are part of the Creator, but the judgment which is meted out comes from our own being after the bandages are lifted from our physical eyes. The veil is withdrawn, and we are able to see clearly where we erred and where we chose rightly and thus advanced perceptibly. There is a great joy as we realize that some of our most insignificant deeds, forgotten by ourselves, loom large in that advancement: the helping hand, the good deed done without personal gain, the sympathetic letter which helped the stricken person, the smile which we gave to strangers who were low in spirit. All these tiny, forgotten acts help us to advance more than one showy act of assisting financially, with great demonstration, for which we expected to shore up credit in heaven… We tell people proudly of what a great thing we did to help somebody. If we tell too much about our good deeds there, we receive ample reward in the physical state, so it stores up nothing to our account here… But how richly we reap reward for that which we did solely because another needed us, expecting no thanks or reward…. Go through life as an instrument of the Creator, asking nothing for yourself except that for which you work in order to live comfortably… Love, freely given, continually pumps up more love to overflowing.”


Ford tells us, “we souls are simply manifestations of the Creator, as are the trees and flowers and hills, but because He breathed the soul of Himself into each of us, He made us like Himself in that we have the power to reason and to know right from wrong... 


Within all of us is the innate knowledge that to harm another soul is to harm oneself and harm God. Basically that is the primary wrong… The path will be lightened and shortened by every good deed which we do for others without seeking gratification of self in return. The will to give freely, without hope of reward, is the rung of the ladder to spiritual success… Once we were a part of a super race. We were close to this knowledge which I am telling you now and knew what to do with it before greed, avarice, hate, and other dire emotions gradually sees holg of the humans who incarnated into flesh… The best way to advance is to love, for an unkind or openly hostile thought about another soul retards progress.. Speak no evil. Think no evil. There is no evil except that which we create… Until we learn to communicate with all other forms of life, whether in spirit or physical stage, we are not yet beginning to achieve oneness with God. Think of this at every available moment. Learn to listen to the voices of rocks and trees and stones and whispering insects and all forms of creation... Every one of us is a manifestation of God... Let this also be a warning to man. If he becomes so numerous and destructive as to threaten all other forms of life, he too may face extinction.”


Many of the books I’ve reviewed thus far about eternal life have chronicled the beauty and love available there for souls as they attain their eternal rewards. Ford, however, wishes to counsel us carefully as to the problems and pitfalls we might encounter so that we can obtain our desired goals.  Ford devotes several chapters to chronicle the problems encountered by people who become souls and suffer for years because they lack the necessary understanding or preparation. For example he describes an addict who continued to search frantically for drugs in the afterlife, then fell into a torpor for hundreds of years “until at last he cries out for God to help him.”  Ford described the “types who have the hardest adjustment to make coming over here are those who either failed to believe in a life hereafter or were so totally unprepared that they will not try to adjust to the unexpected conditions. For example, an avowed atheist finds himself waking up over here, after insisting all his life that there was nothing beyond the grave. At first he is astonished, then resentful, because he feels that this is hallucination and that those who try to help him adjust are fantasies of his imagination. Little by little he grudgingly accepts that he was wrong, however, and as dawn breaks through he is eager, even avid, to learn all about the spheres which for him previously have been nonexistent.”  In this chapter Ford also describes the desperate plight of individuals who committed evil acts during their lifetimes. For example, a man who “treated others badly while there and felt no moral obligation to lend a helping hand or to be a decent citizen. When he makes the transition he is angry and tempestuous, for he finds himself in a situation of his own making, surrounded by other greedy souls, who because they are in like situation, welcome him gleefully to the hell that they have created for themselves… He tries to break out of the fiendish group, but they surround him. He calls for help, but no one with better nature can enter the group to save him. He has dug his own grave, so to speak, and is allowed to lie in it for a while… We let him remain there until his own remorse for sinful ways begins to penetrate his being and he acknowledges to himself that he wasted a lifetime… After he reaches full repentance he is then able to free himself... Only he is able to assess his wrongs and seek forgiveness, although there are many here willing to lend a hand whenever he himself reaches out to them for it” 


Ford devoted a major portion of his time after ascending to his eternal life to counsel us and warn us of the pitfalls we encounter in our earthly lives so that we can obtain our eternal rewards. He tells us “it’s simple… If more of us found sheer pleasure in helping others, we would advance much more rapidly. Because, on the other side, we will then “find happiness always present.” Ford counseled us that “Jesus was empowered by God to lead all mankind back to basic truths: love one another, be good to those who harm you, speak no ill unless you want to be spoken ill of, do unto others as you would have others do on to you.. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Ford described the ascent in eternal life as “pulling together to make a harmonious whole. So why not think along those lines while you are in physical form? Try to surround yourself with harmonious thoughts… by spreading harmony around you. If you pour forth warmth and love, the souls around you will feel the encompassing harmony and subconsciously want to be near you... Give of self and extend a helping hand to any that are outstretched.” Ford did acknowledge the existence of “higher planes in eternal life which are “essentially higher degrees of consciousness” which are “so much more rarefied that those on this plane cannot advance into them without great preparation.” As Ford dictated his thoughts to Montgomery in the early stage of his arrival in eternal life, he had no direct knowledge of these higher planes apart from their existence and his awareness of these states of eternal life as goals for himself. In reading this book, it is obvious that Ford was very conscious of his duty to counsel us as to how to live our lives in love so that we might attain eternal love.


As I remind you, you are eternal spirits and you will find yourself one day returning to the place that many consider our eternal home. As we often tell ourselves, home is where our heart is. Ford’s writings counsel us to remain in our hearts in the state of love. We write and talk about the Golden Rule.  Ford’s wise counsel as he transcended to his eternal life is particularly important for us to remember these days as we observe the wars continually raging around the world and the angry and hostile nature of our current politics.  You have a choice. You can participate in the hostility and bitterness or you can seek a place of peace and happiness for yourself and your loved ones in this world and the next. I send you this wish with love!