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                                                                           DO YOU KNOW SANAYA?


If you are a seeker of goodness and truth, and you read or meditate or pray or think deeply about life, then you probably know Sanaya. How so, you ask?  Sanaya is simply a name given to us when we open our minds and hearts to answer essential questions about life and the hereafter.  We can do this by ourselves or with many existing sources of spiritual assistance. But those in the heavens who care about Earth have given us a more direct form of contact with the spiritual world: Sanaya.  In this article I’m going to give you some information about ways to tap into this wonderful source of knowledge. I’m also going to give you a way to hear Sanaya for yourself:

                                  Wednesday June 8, 9 PM, Chapel Hill.

I’ll give you details at the end of this article if you read about it early enough to attend. But you will be able to access this presentation by listening to the transcript of the session and all of the other transcripts available since Sanaya decided to join us on Earth.  Sanaya told us that Sanaya is a collection of spirits from the highest levels of heaven reaching out to us for assistance in our lives in this difficult place called Earth. Recently Sanaya answered a persistent question as to who are some of the components of Sanaya who speak to us collectively or individually, “Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Mother Mary” as well as other Guides and Angels. As I will explain I’ve been accessing Sanaya from the beginning of their presentations to us.


You can check back to an article I wrote in the Chatham County Line, December 2014, titled “A Christmas Message: Finding Joy in This World and the Next”, now available on my website,   The article described a very highly credible resource, a US Naval Commander, formerly an Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who became an evidential medium and eventually was chosen to channel Sanaya.   The channel is named Suzanne Giesemann and you can access information about her on her website  Her most pertinent books are “Messages of Hope” and “Wolf’s Message.”  You can also go directly to a section of the website entitled Sanaya Says and sign up for daily email messages as well as receive access to all Sanaya sessions either in audio or transcript or both. You can start accessing the daily emails at any time and also read past emails since their beginning. You will soon find out that Suzanne is not only highly credible but a very hard-working individual fulfilling this role, She was apparently chosen to work with Sanaya based upon her obvious intelligence and dedication to the causes she has encountered in her time on this Earth.


Why am I telling you about all of this? With my psychology practice and my many articles, my time tending my lovely Forest Garden Office and generally living my life, how could I find so much time to spend reading and listening to this one source? Well, I’ve been dedicated to finding out the truth and nothing but the truth about this world and the next, and this is by far the best and most credible source of all the wonderful sources now available to us.  You don’t have to believe me as you can find out for yourself in person or on your Internet and reading lists.  Suzanne is a very hard-working and dedicated individual, certainly not spacey or pie in the sky, just giving us the facts and nothing but the facts first in her adult life as a hard-working Naval Commander and lately a spiritual channel for all of us.  Flying together with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the day of 9/11, they were the only individuals to fly over the burning buildings in New York and then enter the Pentagon as it also burned. Surely an incredible experience that must remain in her heart and mind forever! The memory of 9/11 has created ongoing fear and anger in too many people. To others it has been a learning experience dedicating us to help create a better world. Suzanne was deeply affected by 9/11, the subsequent death of her step-daughter and her experiences encountering Spirit as she began to meditate.  Suzanne emerged from these painful experiences to a place of courage and peace. She is clearly a person of great depth doing her best to follow and teach others according to the principles of unconditional love and forgiveness. You too can participate with Suzanne and Sanaya!


Begin by signing up for Sanaya Says daily messages in your email box. They are brief but pertinent messages for all of us to consider in our daily lives.  Sometimes we even feel the messages are directed specifically to us through our hearts.  Suzanne sits in meditation every morning and receives the information which includes a message which she then transmits to us along with an appropriate picture. Curious, I asked Suzanne about the source of the picture. She told me that Sanaya sends her to the appropriate Google picture!  Suzanne is not only hard-working, she is also extremely organized and dedicated to making this information available to us. You can access years of these daily messages archived on her website or simply begin the day you read this article.


Incredibly profound is the information you can access in the monthly messages also available in the Special Sessions with Sanaya part of her website. I’ve read them from the beginning and saw the development over time, starting with individual spirits talking through Suzanne in presentations to listeners and growing in spiritual depth over time as the source now called Sanaya assembled. What a wonderful role Suzanne has been playing! Surely this might create a feeling of self-importance within any of us as we began to realize the importance of this assignment. Not Suzanne! The spirits do not fawn over Suzanne. They call her “this one.”  Sometimes they will comment on her struggles as she adapts her personality to the role of spokesman for Sanaya. Also you will find that spirits interrupt Suzanne’s life at various times, often in the middle of the night, to give her messages for her tasks in this role. I’m sure she understands the importance of her role but doesn’t present herself as self-important!  In addition to her special sessions in Florida she now spends time traveling around the country to give presentations to us.


Sanaya presentations now bring understandable information to us from the highest levels of the spirit world.  We don’t have to pour over obscure or outdated passages from the past.  Amazing to us, Sanaya also gives listeners in the audience the opportunity to ask questions!  Wow! We’ve been spending time in prayer or meditation or trying to interpret words written 2000 years ago and now we can ask questions directly to the spirit world!  I’ll just give you a few examples of the  valuable information we can learn in these presentations.. We often worry about reincarnation, Will we have to return as animals or reptiles? The answer is no. If we choose to return, we return as humans with the purpose of learning to surmount problems such as anger or fear or alcoholism or handicaps not available for us to solve in our eternal lives in the spirit world. The purpose would be to control and surmount these problems so that we can return to a higher and beautiful level of our eternal life.. An aspect of ourselves always remains in our eternal group soul even when a part incarnates.  When you die and want to reunite with your loved ones, you will find them in the spirit world even if a part of their spirit has reincarnated. We wonder what happens to our animals when they die? If they were attached to you, they will be waiting patiently for you even if, as often the case, they send an aspect of themselves to earth as another a cat or dog to comfort you. A major issue confronting us is war. Will there be an end to wars in our lives? Probably not is the answer for now but that should not stop us from living in love ourselves. The spirits point out to us that the Dark Ages were truly dark and were in fact darker than the world we are living in now. So there is always hope. 


Suzanne Giesemann will be making a keynote presentation at the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc. on Thursday June 9 at the Sheraton Chapel Hill, North Carolina, entitled “Adventures in Consciousness: To What End?”  She will also be channeling a Sanaya attunement Wednesday, June 8 at 9 PM.  You can find out more information about the entire conference or these presentations at the ASCSI website. You will want to register ahead of time either for the entire conference, Suzanne’s presentations or other valuable presentations on the topic of Aspects of Consciousness. I attended the conference held here last year.  For background information you can consult an article I wrote about last year’s conference on my website: titled “Your Spiritual IQ” :


If you are a seeker of love and truth, you will want to access this information and then continue to participate in learning about these cosmic issues so important to all of us: your future and the future of this world!  I send you love and best wishes!                                                     .