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                                                                YOUR ETERNAL LIFE READING LIST


Why would you want to bother with reading about eternal life? In most cases you won’t even ask yourself this question as most of us are totally immersed in our lives in this world.  Few voices tell us much about life after death except resting in peace in a grave.  Some, however, do tell us about “passing on” or “passing over”... but to where?  Meeting St. Peter and resting on a cloud watching the angels fly by?  Wouldn’t you like to have access to expert advice channeled to us from actual residents of eternal life? In this article I’m going to help you with my discoveries as a student of eternal life.  Long ago I walked away from religion and dedicated myself to becoming a psychologist helping people survive well and happily in this life.  After losing many of my original family members to death, so I thought, I had the opportunity to help my father in his last months of life and begin my quest to understand what lies in store for us after we take our last breath. And this transition point will happen to you! So why don’t you look at this reading list which I have assembled since my father’s passing in 2007. This article is an overview and reading list, and you will find many of the books described more fully on my website and/or on Amazon.


If you don’t believe that we all are eternal spirits temporarily residing in a body, you might start with the first book in a series by Roberta Grimes entitled “The Fun of Dying” (Christine F Anderson Publishing, Second Edition, 2015.)   A catchy title, right? She does explain in the book that the fun will begin after your eternal spirit leaves your body assuming that you have earned the right to pass on to the reward portion of eternal life. Grimes also will provide you with a coherent explanation of facts and research about how your energy survives, explaining as simply as possible how quantum physics has discovered this fact. Grimes then will tell you about Summerland where you’ll want to go instead of the Shadowland. (For  purposes of this article I’ll call this positive area of eternal life Summerland although not all the authors use this phrase.)  Your energy spirit and consciousness will remain with you even though you will lose your corporeal body which may in fact be resting in peace somewhere in a grave. But YOU won’t be there in that grave; you will be joining the rest of your family and the rest of humanity residing as eternal spirits.


Currently Roberta Grimes is still here on this earth with us, writing and blogging prolifically about these issues. But next in this article let’s take a look at the information which comes directly to us from eternal life. I used to write about the “afterlife” as many writers do. After all this research, I now want to write about “eternal life”. We will actually return from this shorter period of our existence here to again become a spirit who lives eternally.  I’ve found out that we do resemble ourselves in eternal life but we can pick whichever of our life stages we want to look like. Most pick young adult.  As my adult body becomes older and older, that sounds great to me! Now you are asking how these eternal beings communicate with us. There is actually research predicting that our loved ones in eternal life will be able to communicate directly to us in the future. For now, however, we are dependent upon eternal spirits communicating to those of us whose brains currently have the capacity to receive this information. These individuals are called mediums. (They may also call themselves psychic, but psychics without abilities as mediums receive only information transmitted through this life, not information from deceased spirits.)


So let’s start with a comprehensive overview of eternal life, Life in the World Unseen, Anthony Borgia, Square Circles (recent edition) 2013. The information was transmitted to him and then to us by Monsignor Benson, an Anglican priest who died to this world in his 40s and found himself directly in Summerland.  In his life here he was a writer but found himself needing to communicate information which he doubted could be true in his preaching and writing here.  He set out to correct this misinformation and also was able to communicate in great detail to all of us about eternal life, focusing mainly on the beauty and pleasures of Summerland. He also was able to communicate about the difficult existence and sometimes tortures of those who did not qualify to live their eternal lives in a good, comfortable and blessed life.


So what about the problems of those individuals whose lives did not qualify them for a positive eternal life? There is no “devil” shoveling wretched spirits into hell fire. But classic writings make it clear that people earn their eternal life by following the Golden Rule of loving and forgiving others unconditionally.  Money is not the issue. In fact Monsignor Benson tells us about an inhabitant of Shadowland who had been sure of his entrance into heaven because of the money he had given to his church.  A fascinating book channeled to us by an inhabitant of a part of the eternal world which I’ll call Shadowland is “Nosso Lar: An Account of Life in a Spirit Colony in the World of Spiritis,” by Francisco Xavier, Edicei of America, 2011.   Nosso Lar is Portuguese for Our Home, and this book was originally written as channeled to a Brazilian medium by an inhabitant of this colony who kept his life name a secret but lived as a doctor on earth.  This book begins with the eternal spirit of the doctor describing his years of torture after his earthly death. Well, when I found out this fact I almost avoided reading this book. I am no fan of torture even in written form. However, to my relief I found that this portion of the book was very short and intended to describe this area and its tortures but not subject us to experiencing them ourselves. Following this portion of the book, I found interesting information about this colony which was set up to assist spirits residing in the world of damnation. These spirits showed some promise and possibility to give up their anger and rebellion and learn to change into a life of service and dedication to understand and work through their earth problems. The inhabitants came from many different types of life with apparently a preponderance of individuals who had collected and squandered many earthly rewards. Such was the case with this doctor who had lived a life of privilege before his death when he found himself in a hellish existence. The book describes his change of heart as he learned to understand the need to work for a blessed eternal life.


I’ve written a previous article about Arthur Ford, a medium who found himself in eternal life after his death and then immediately dictated a book “A World Beyond” to Ruth Montgomery, Fawcett Crest, 1971. It was interesting to me that he wrote extensively about people who were experiencing difficulty adjusting to eternal life in the shadows, not really qualifying for Summerland, or living a marginal eternal life. I also found it interesting that there was very little in this book describing the wonders and beauties of Summerland.  At the end of the book Ford confessed to a problem he had experienced after being given morphine after a serious accident and then encouraged to switch to alcohol.  This evolved into binges which he conquered enough to be admitted to the lowest levels of what I would call Summerland.


You might be interested in a locally composed book about a teen suicide in our area, Reconciled by the Light, Ron Pappalardo, lulu, 2009. After the teen’s suicide, he channeled his input to his father through our local medium Cherie Lassiter. Since 2012, I have been communicating with this talented medium after I received information in the book about her skill in helping this teen and his family. You may also be interested in his father’s subsequent book and the fact that he is teaching sessions in our local area to help us learn more about eternal life and our ability to make contact with the spirit world.


I mentioned Roberta Grimes earlier in this article. After reading “The Fun of Dying” I would recommend that you read all of her recent spiritual books. She also has a blog and informative videos where she will keep you up-to-date about the latest issues regarding eternal life and spirituality. She will write responses to you if you communicate with her through her blog. I also want to call your attention to a co-written book, Flying High in Spirit, Mikey Morgan and Roberta Grimes, Christine Anderson Publishing, 2016. “Mikey Morgan” actually dictated this book from the spirit world to his mother, communicating by pendulum. The spirit now calling himself Mikey is a very advanced spirit who last lived on earth in the 17th century, advancing over time to the sixth  level of eternal life close to the ultimate level of Source.  Mikey communicates to us the concerns of high-level spirits about the state of negativity and violence on earth interfering with spiritual progress. He entered our world as Mikey in order to establish communication with us.  Most of the books and information reaching us from eternal life come from correspondents at the lower Summerland levels. Roberta Grimes realized the unique quality of these high level communications and helped facilitate the publication of this book.


Let me mention the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  The book will give you detailed information about your journey after death into eternal life. Upon reading this book many years ago I became quite concerned about being able to maneuver through the extensive advice and adventures discussed in this journey. At this time I am not recommending that we consider this book as anything other than a valuable treasure for people in that culture. I’ve realized through my reading that we ascend to an eternal life constructed for people from our culture. In our version of Summerland we will find many similarities to our culture and lifestyle in order to increase our comfort and understanding as we learn to live our eternal lives. We will also find higher levels in Summerland which will be accessed as we make spiritual progress.  As we work to ascend into higher levels, we will find less culturally defined settings. At the higher levels, then, the different cultures merge into universal spirituality.


Many of us encounter information concerning eternal life described by people communicating about near-death experiences.  These experiences have often been debunked as merely imagination by people undergoing a loss of consciousness in accidents or surgeries. However, a definitive book has now emerged, “Proof of Heaven. A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Dr. Eben Alexander. A distinguished scientist, a nonbeliever in eternal life, Eben developed a neurological crisis wherein he lost all higher brain function and was considered terminal until he suddenly revived.  After being restored to consciousness, he was advised to write in detail about his experiences during this period of time without higher brain function. Given the facts proving his absolute loss of consciousness and his terminal state, Dr. Alexander’s extraordinary experiences during this time have convinced many that eternal life in heaven does exist.


I could go on forever, but I’ll leave you with other paths to follow in reading about eternal life. I’ll let you look up publishers and dates. Read “Thavis is Here”, by Harry Homewood; “Memories of Heaven” by Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes, a collection of memories of real children submitted by their parents about their times in heaven before birth; carefully researched books by Stafford Betty and Michael Tymh; “Witness from Beyond” and “Evidence from Beyond”, both channeled by A.D.Mattson ; Letters from the Afterlife”, Elsa Barker; “My Son and the Afterlife”, Elisa Medhus. After studying psychology at Harvard in William James Hall I was especially interested in books by Susy Smith as communicated to her by William James from the spirit world including “The Book of James” and “Life Is Forever.”  In these books James communicated to us about many and varied topics. Rosalind McKnight, an Explorer at the Monroe Institute, wrote a comprehensive book, “Soul Journeys. My Guided Tours through the Afterlife” in 2005. If you want to continue reading about eternal life, Amazon is very helpful as of course they love to make book sales. When you enter any of these titles, they obligingly supply you with many book titles of similar content.


Please remember: we all will find ourselves coming to the end of our earthly lives. Most of us have carefully prepared for all of our trips whether around town, back and forth to work or vacations. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to prepare for a trip to eternal life?





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