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Truth Will Set You Free





                                                           Truth Will Set You Free


If you are an astute observer you will notice the absence of “Truth” in modern day living. But the purpose of this article is not just to criticize modern living. That’s too easy to do if you are an intelligent and discerning observer of current reality. Problems abound. But where can we find truth that we can not only trust but also depend upon to live by?


Many of my recent articles have been composed in my quest to find goodness and truth for myself and others. My goal has also been to enable us to find and practice these life truths.


Two thousand years ago Jesus and his disciples came to earth to help mankind with their words recorded years later in the New Testament Bible. As I understand it, the spiritual world has become very concerned with the constant wars and serious human problems we are experiencing today. “Peace on Earth” does not exist. The beautiful words of advice from Scripture often fail to guide modern life these days. With serious problems facing our culture, significant changes are needed. Our spiritual advisers foresee even more ominous problems for us on the horizon. These days our intelligent spiritual advisers will not be found wearing robes and traveling by donkey. No, they will be reaching us in the modern world in ways we will take notice and listen! Keep reading!


Two contemporary writers are playing a major role in assisting us in this mission to help Earth survive: Suzanne Giesemann and Roberta Grimes. Several of my recent articles have highlighted their work. In this article I want to help you understand how they can assist us to make daily and lifelong decisions to guide our lives here on earth.


Suzanne Giesemann, amazingly, was a Naval Commander who served for 20 years, then turned spiritual seeker and writer after flying above New York on fire during 9/11, also enduring the tragic death of her step-daughter in a lightning strike. You can follow her writing and progress from naval commander to spiritual seeker and medium including the books Messages of Hope (One Mind, 2011) and Wolf’s Message (Waterside, 2014).  She was eventually entrusted with advice from “Sanaya” who includes the highest celestial beings such as Jesus, Mary and Archangel Michael. Amazingly, Sanaya writes to us in daily emails helping us with encouraging words and advice and also actually speaks to us in recorded sessions with Suzanne. You will also find friendly and helpful “heavenly” advice delivered daily in emails from Sanaya! Can you imagine these high-level spirits even orchestrating a CD which you can buy on iTunes? Yes, you can find “Journey of Remembrance” there under Suzanne Giesemann’s name. If you have heard Sanaya, you will recognize that voice as the music leads us in a journey through our spiritual world. With all this effort to reach us in multiple and thoroughly modern ways, surely we have no excuse to avoid such valuable guidance!


Like Suzanne, Roberta Grimes is a thoroughly modern and accomplished woman. She is a businesswoman and attorney who recently became interested in writing beginning with fiction. Now in her 70s, she recalls a history of two visits in her past from a spiritual being of light. I mention her age so you can understand how she chose not to tell anyone about these visions in her younger years when she could have been seen as delusional or demented. Roberta has authored four spiritual books and writes current articles on her website. She has allowed spirit to write through her to explain how the spiritual world works and how we could live in accordance with higher principles. Her first two books delivered valuable information about the spiritual world and how to  best understand it.  “The Fun of Dying” (Anderson, second edition, 2015) and “The Fun of Staying in Touch”  (Createspace, 2014) tell us about the spiritual world and how it interacts with us. Her planned trilogy was interrupted by spiritual visitors including Jesus who helped her write the book “Liberating Jesus” (Anderson, 2015) and then the third book of the trilogy “The Fun of Growing Forever” (Anderson, 2016.) 


Through Roberta, the words of Jesus counsel us to live according to the one important commandment which is to love God and love each other.  “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is a great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”  The principles underlying this commandment are universal love and forgiveness. Please, if you do nothing else for yourself, read these last two books because through these practices you will find the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Roberta explained that Jesus helped dictate these books to her. He asked that the sunrise over the ocean be displayed on the Liberating Jesus book to free him from the more usual scene of his tortured body hanging on the cross. He died publicly so that the world would understand eternal life when he reappeared after this very public death. He asserts that he did not die to excuse our sins but rather to lead us to eternal life. These last two books contain all the important information and guideposts necessary to help us learn about eternal values. I will not even pretend to advise you when these books are so perfectly written to lead you on the path to spiritual love and forgiveness. As additional help, Roberta supplements her books with an Internet blog and also answers all your questions in writing.


So now you have your answers to eternal questions at your fingertips! No excuses!


I will mention again that our spiritual advisers do caution us about the precarious state of our modern world. As you pursue spiritual truth and then look at the world around you, you will see the difference between spiritual love and forgiveness and our modern practices. A decline in the chaos or a return to love on earth? Either could be possible!