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Secrets of the Universe



                                          Secrets of the Universe!

Wouldn't you like to know the secrets of the universe? Okay, I'm going to let you in on a secret: extraordinary information which in the past has been concealed from human beings. I'm not going to tell you everything in this Advice Line article. Instead I'm going to let you know about a wonderful book which will bring you some of this information. At this point you may be groaning, "Oh no, do I really have to read a book? Can't I just use one of my trusty devices I carry around? No, you can't, and actually your trusty devices can be hacked and bring you false information. This book cannot be hacked. Your reading mind will tell you whether the information is trustworthy. Today in this article I'm going to lead you to information which hopefully will actually cause you to go out and order the book for yourself. Books were not available during the early history of the world. Scribes started writing them down to preserve them from the masses. "The masses?" People like you and me who did not live in palaces or have slaves to take care of us. Now, however, in this age of easy enlightenment, we can just call upon the great purveyor of information and retrieve all the goods you ever want to buy... Amazon.

If you've been reading my articles lately, you may have ascertained my interest in the spiritual world which surrounds us. You too may be interested but then put the topic in the back of your mind as you go about your daily activities. And then you start to wonder again. We wondered recently at Christmas, who was this Christ child? Our Bible was composed years ago in another time. How and where can we find out about spiritual values and secrets of the universe now? I've spent my last years exploring these questions and bringing you spiritual information. I'll tell you about this amazing book today. You can also go to the Advice Line section of my website,, and read a number of articles composed during the last several years about the beautiful mysteries of our spiritual world currently being revealed to us. Very ancient history tells us that previous civilizations such as the mysterious Atlantis were destroyed because the people had gone astray from spiritual ways of living. Many of the authors I read now do tell us that our current civilization also may come to a close within the next 200 years unless we change our ways.

Would you like to hear from Albert Einstein, Jerry Garcia, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marilyn Monroe, John Huston, Amy Winehouse, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, Susan B Anthony, Sylvia Plath, Elizabeth Taylor, John and Robert Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Cecil B DeMille, Jonas Salk, Queen Mother Elizabeth, George Bernard Shaw, Pablo Picasso, John Lennon and a mystery guest? You may be wondering about this list. Aren't they all gone... dead? Wouldn't you like to know where they are now and what they're thinking? I'm going to whet your appetite just enough to make sure you read the book for yourself.

The book is entitled, "Great Minds Speak To You" brought to us through Tina Spalding, Light Technology Publishing, 2013. Please note that I did not say that Tina wrote the book. So how did we get this book? Is Amazon now publishing for the spirit world? Well, not directly. Publishers are receiving information from authors such as Tina who are able to retrieve information from spiritual sources. The spiritual group bringing you this information calls itself Ananda. Tina Spalding has become a full trance channel speaking for the Ananda group. Great Minds is only one of their four books. In another of these books, Ananda tells us their name means "bliss." Ananda explains that "we are extraterrestrial in that we are not of your world. Some beings among our group (for we are a group consciousness) have lived in physical bodies on your plane, so we understand the necessities of survival in this harsh world in which you find yourself, but many of us have lived on other planets in what you would consider other star systems, and we continue to do so; we are not what you call dead; we are what you call evolved."

I will help you by telling you some very interesting information about this book, fascinating enough that I know you'll be calling up Amazon or your favorite bookseller to read this book ASAP. Apparently we are now in a transition phase where beings from the spiritual world are in communication to help us out of the problems of our declining civilization. Declining? Our mortality rates are increasing, cancer is rampant, poverty is increasing rapidly, our politics are in chaos... ugh, don't get me started. If you have spent some time reading or listening to modern prophets such as Suzanne Giesemann and Roberta Grimes, you'll know that the days of our civilization are numbered. Information from heaven is now being brought to you by visionaries, mediums and individuals who have studied deeply into the spiritual world. Such is Tina Spalding, a live person who studied the spiritual texts of A Course in Miracles. Never wanting fame and not becoming rich from her work, Tina will explain to you in the first section of the book how this information came to her despite her wishes otherwise. With a Course In Miracles, the spiritual information had not spread far enough, and now individuals are being approached to tell us the spiritual information we need. Our scientists such as Gary Schwartz, PhD, are working on the next channel of communication with the spirit world. Those channels are not open to us yet but Great Minds are now speaking to us in this book.

Here's an example. Each of these speakers will be telling you of their story of the themes of their lives and their learnings as they joined the spiritual world. Even if you weren't around in the 60s and 70s, you may have heard of Jerry Garcia and the band Grateful Dead. (Tina, actually, had never heard of Jerry Garcia.) The time was the time of political activism as he stated to Tina to record for us. "We worked really hard in the 60s and 70s to bring change to the prison-like cultural mores of the time. There were many wonderful experiences, drugs, free love, communism... We had a high time of it, but we were misled... Confused in the use of drugs and alcohol as a pathway to these experiences, they give you an artificial connection.. It is chemically induced... I'm learning now to access this sense of freedom, to access this sense of oneness in a clean and sober state... It is not that you need to be completely free of these substances... You must do this in a clean and sober way most of the time." As you read through to the end of the book, you will have a very unexpected and pleasant surprise in accessing high level spiritual information for yourself.

This book is a fascinating way to learn about the life lessons and spiritual perspectives of these famous individuals in their lives here. They all will tell you what they learned in their eternal lives and whether or not they need to return to an earth life to rework their problems. This time in our lives most of us are not able to access spiritual information directly but we can learn about eternal life from a number of individuals being chosen to communicate with us. Scientists are now working on ways to communicate directly with the spirit world, and some of you may live long enough to see this happen. In the meantime individuals such as Spalding, Giesemann and Grimes are being tapped to bring this information to us.

Ananda leaves us with some important messages at the conclusion of this book. "You have not picked up this book by accident; you have not picked up this book for no reason. It has come into your world, and to your mind, for a purpose, and that is to shift your beliefs about your life, your death experience, and what the afterlife experience contains, for many of you are constantly afraid of death. You are so afraid of death that you will not live your lives, and what we wish for you to understand is that life is everlasting. It continues on and on. There is no point in procrastinating; there is no point in putting off what you wish to do, for if you do not do it in this life, you will be brought back again to do it in another life... Contained within these pages are the wisdom's of many lifetimes, and they offer up their wisdom to you to assist you in your life, in your decisions, so that you do not have to make the mistakes they made, getting lost in the mire of the darkness, fear, and destruction of your modern society."

So READ and take this information into your mind and heart as you live your daily lives with love and hope for a splendid eternal future!