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"Whatever arises, LOVE that"



                                             “Whatever arises, LOVE that”

                                                   Your Evolved Life


No matter your philosophy, religion, view of life, there is one common value espoused: the power of love.  Even agnostics, atheists or other non-believers, all can share heart-based admiration for the power of love.  There are all kinds of love but whenever and however you feel love, you will ultimately trace it back to your heart and not to your intellect or your brain. Love comes straight from your heart. Instinctively you know it’s not the pumping apparatus of the physical heart. You can feel your spiritual heart as a warm essence, a feeling of pleasure and joy, an uplifting of your total being. As humans, unfortunately, we cannot live in this blessed state 24:7. We can seek to understand the power of love and live in its essence as much as possible. One of my goals as a therapist has been to lead people toward this power of love in their lives. Many articles on my website, (Advice Line and Reading Room sections), discuss the power of happiness and love. Here is another contribution, an extremely powerful book to lead you straight to the power of love in your heart.

Therefore, today, I’m leading you into another life-changing experience. And all you have to do is read a book. Well, to tell the whole story, you have to allow yourself to participate in this experience facilitated by an inspired spiritual leader, Matt Kahn, in the aptly titled book, “Whatever arises, LOVE that”, Sounds True, 2016. You will want to take some time and allow yourself to participate with Matt Kahn. You can read this book and evolve your consciousness and additionally then you can use your computer to watch Matt in his many audiovisual journeys also leading you into transformation and healing.

Background information about Matt describes him as a spiritual teacher and empath whose purpose in life is to help others heal their problems and awaken their eternal souls through the power of LOVE. He describes the book as a guided tour encoded with the transmission of healing energy as you interact with the pages of the book. As he tells you in the beginning of the book, he awakened to this new reality at eight years of age when he began having experiences with Archangels and Ascended Masters. He realized that others did not have these experiences and found that he was being provided spiritual information in preparation for a lifetime of conveying this information to others and guiding them on a new journey of spiritual growth. After contacts with the highest level of spiritual teachers, he realized that he was being called to help others open their hearts to this new spiritual journey.

The goal is not just to read another spiritual book. The goal is to begin a new series of experiences to change your life as guided by the information provided by Matt Kahn. You could begin with a free Kindle book provided by Matt available to all readers without cost. You can just sign up and download the Kindle book “Beginning Your Love Revolution” which will be a good entry point into some of the basic healing parameters. If you have time and if you are sincerely interested in improving your life, you will want to buy the book which will provide the same information as Kindle in the first chapter of the book. I’d suggest that you read the “Introduction” to the book before the first chapter. This section provides essential information to help you change your life dramatically in the direction of Love. As you read the book you will participate with Matt in this life-changing journey. The book, and it does look like a book, is actually meant to help you change your life dramatically. Matt has been inspired directly to teach this truth and tells you that the book is actually encoded with healing energy! He states that this will help you unfold to your highest potential as you experience the book and read the healing mantras provided to help you make these life changes. If this sounds suspicious, weird or overstated, keep reading your way through the book and the healing exercises. You will be convinced as you actually experience this book. When you think about it, LOVE is the highest spiritual experience and the most potent power in our lives. (I think by now you know I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m referring to the power of the heart in experiencing the force of LOVE in your life.)

The first chapter (or the Kindle book) begins by explaining how to use healing mantras and demonstrates how you can embrace your own heart to help you cope with life problems. Being human, we often look for other people or medicine and doctors to help us cope with problems. But Matt teaches us how to become the source of our own fulfillment and develop the ability to love “whatever arises” by using our own hearts.  Your heart actually has the ability to heal you and your problems. This is the key to your development of a new consciousness, sending all your woes to your heart for healing. Matt provides for us a healing mantra where we describe life problems to heal with the phrase, “I deserve more love, not less.” (Examples. “When I’m sad, I deserve more love, not less. When I’m angry, I deserve more love, not less” all helping you heal your hurt and troubling problems.) As you practice “whatever arises LOVE that” you will find your heart centered consciousness emerge to help you heal yourself.  The next step will be learning how to relax your body and slow your breath, locating the feeling you are sensing without labeling or psychoanalyzing yourself. You are to assist yourself in this process by choosing your heart as the central focus and slowly breathing into healing, embracing all your responses and healing them through your heart. Matt also suggests you breathe into the center of this feeling repeating the following healing mantra “I love you” softly and gently to yourself, reminding you that you deserve more love not less. You will be learning to embrace all your feelings with heart-centered attention and recognize how you love and cherish yourself. Matt also provides you with a healing mantra to help you make peace with difficult and uncomfortable feelings.  When you encounter these feelings even from the past, Matt asks you to step back in time and love yourself throughout your entire personal history, thus healing yourself.

You can use the free book to learn these basic healing practices, then purchase the hardcover book. If you prefer to start with the hardcover book, you will find the same information in chapter 1. In chapter 2 you will find information about Matt’s early development as a spiritual empath, truly fascinating!  It’s great background and does help assure you that the information presented in the rest of the book comes from a truly spiritual place. The remaining chapters in the book help you learn, step-by-step, the rest of the practices you will need to fully develop your spiritual self.

 Chapter 3, “the Heart of Surrender” reinforces the fact that your words and actions must be aligned with love. You will want to learn to cope with problems such as anger, hostility or fighting against others. The realistic and practical value of this book is not just the beautiful and glorious goals we would all like to have for ourselves, but instead step-by-step helpful instructions. For example, Matt provides a healing mantra for anger beginning with, “I accept that the aspect of self that fights is only here to be loved so only I can love it” and continues to help you develop your mantra to stop fighting. The goals as he explains in this section are to create your personal love statements to counter hurtful experiences from your past, to establish deep communication with your heart, to tell yourself the words you always wanted to hear and to be empowered instead of being a victim who needs to be validated by others. All these things are wonderful goals you may have developed for yourself or read in other books. Matt, however takes these experiences apart for you and helps you develop healing strategies including specific healing mantras. This section will help you create your own personal love statements to choose between victimhood and empowerment. You can memorize your statements or put them on note cards to practice until these choices become a part of your heart. The chapter ends with the final statement “And so I’m free to be the love that I am for the healing, awakening, well-being and ascension of all. And so it is.”

The following chapters are likewise meant to be experienced, not just read, as you develop your love persona. They include suffering of the ego, patterns of codependence and addiction, compulsive patterns, overactive minds, ego problems he calls inflammation, the need to master relationships, listening and conscious communication, the importance of slowing down, pain, illness and confusion, spiritual awakening, ascension and planetary awakening concepts, finally recognizing that you have achieved your goals.

As you can tell by now, this is a beautifully written book with love at its core, but helpful in a way you find in very few books. You just can’t read it and find your life changed, but you will want to practice these empowering strategies until they become an essential part of your life. You’ll want to go through this book step-by-step, carefully, with practice, building upon new skills, always ending with heart-based learning. You will be able to apply these magic words throughout your life: “Whatever arises LOVE that.”