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What is the Future of Our Civilization and Planet?

How do we know the future of our lives? How can we chart our course? Many of us believe in the information we received from our prophets and gods. Jesus and his disciples told us the new way of living in love over 2000 years ago. What happened then? An analysis or even glance at history will tell us the world has been consumed by stress, sickness and war, with a few assuming power and collecting riches vs. the many living downtrodden and poverty-stricken lives. When I studied war and wrote about it several years ago, I looked at the 200 years of the Crusades, then discovered that our USA had actually lived through another 200 years of war and conflict. And if we look around the world we see that the USA has fared better than most of the world. What about now? If you follow politics you will see chaos around us in a rigid political system that is taking care of itself and the rich with increasing hardship spreading to our people. Our TV and other systems and gadgets distract us, but a look at the world finds chaos, increasing threats of violence and wars everywhere.

So let's look back at Jesus. He came to bring us love and peace but was assassinated and his messages of Love and the Golden Rule have not taught us to really love ourselves and our neighbors. Recently however, we have been receiving more messages of peace and love from Jesus, messages to wake up and rededicate ourselves. But have our governments, our televisions, our Facebooks, all these cultural messages, been helpful? We now have increasing poverty and we face wars throughout our world. Although 2012 came and went without big changes, messages recently have started promising that the predicted world changes have begun.

Let's look back at our spiritual messages, especially from Jesus, for guidance as to what has gone wrong and what changes need to be made to actually find a world of love and kindness for all. I've been bringing you information systematically to improve your lives and most recently to look at spirituality for assistance. I'm not the only one of course, and I've just been reporting about the many publications now available to update us. You can find many such articles in the Advice Line section of my website with the most recent listed first.

Today I'm bringing you more information. Let's start with "A Gospel of Truth and Light to Mankind: The Padgett Messages." Although these messages arrived 1914 to 1920, they have only recently become available on Google and Amazon. Google will bring you a brief overview and a hard-to-read printing of over 1700 pages crammed with messages. Amazon now has made five volumes of these messages available on Kindle.

The Padgett story is that Jesus and his disciples and other spiritual beings decided they must change the inaccurate messages being fostered by multiple mistranslations of original events in the life of Jesus. Padgett was chosen as a talented medium to receive these messages. Written in long hand, the messages were not made available to the public until recently. Jesus was adamant to try to spread his message of love and to get off the cross. He did not die to save us from our sins as many other commentators discovered when their trips to Eternal Life did not result in heavenly rewards. The main Padgett messages can be found in Kindles three and four. Many fascinating messages were also received from historic persons, some living in the darkness of sin (example the historical Queen Elizabeth 1) and others in the glory of heaven (example Abraham Lincoln.) The main message was to teach us to learn how to access Divine Love as taught by Jesus and the Saints.

Let's fast-forward to today. I've already written about contemporary messages from Jesus received by Suzanne Guiesemann and Roberta Grimes. Another clear channel is Tina Louise Spalding. She's already written six books, but also has a You Tube channel, realizing that now fewer people actually read books. (I do because I learned to read before TV in modern movies came in to dominate our culture.) Tina is not actually the source for this information which is Jesus and a group of spirit channels calling themselves Ananda. She recommends that you read the books in order of publication with Jesus channeling his life and messages in the third book. The messages of love and redemption continue until a recent message calling upon us to recognize a major change in our world. The latest book has the hopeful and challenging title "You Can Free Yourself from the Karma of Chaos." (Hay House, 2017)  The world will soon be changing as predicted in 2012 and we must all adapt as more loving and spiritual beings to free ourselves from the traps of the modern world. The messages of change Quicken as you will also hear on your You Tube channel where Jesus recently decided to bring a seven page series to speak with us directly.

Pay attention to the ominous final messages in the most recent Ananda book: "You are going to witness a great change in the next few years in your world, and we want to prepare you for that, but to do that, you must put down the weapons inside your mind... The weapons of hateful thinking."

So I bring you words of change, hope as well as anxiety, to turn toward love, both human love and divine love, and away from hate and war.