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Do You Remember December 21, 2012? You Should!

This date occurred during the winter solstice of 2012 with forecasts of widespread disaster or even the end of the world. Given that it's now 2017, we can successfully conclude that the world did not end on that date. Given the lack of the foretold disasters or even a few minor rumbles of thunder that day, many people laughed and put aside all the dramatic prophecies. Let's look back at a few of these prophecies. The date heralded a change in two major cycles of world time: one 5125 year cycle and one 25,625 year cycle: certainly awesome. Vedic scholars, for example, described this cycle as a Kali Yuga or dark age where human civilization degenerates spiritually with rulers who are unreasonable, Levy taxes unfairly and see no need to protect their subjects. Famine, migration and death are common in the Kali Yiga as avarice, hostility and sin increase while virtue fades. Long ago the Hopi Indians made a prophecy about the end of this era which they called the fourth world. This prophecy clearly pointed out the choice point based in this era. "It depends upon which path humankind will walk: the greed, the comfort, and the profit, or the path of love, strength and balance." You are now reading this in 2017. What you think happened then and what is happening now?''

I'd like to say we're living in the path of love, strength and balance! But if anyone of you thinks that we are, I'd say you need a therapist! (Sorry, that's a therapist joke!)

I won't take the rest of the time to go into the song and dance of "woe is me." It turns out that the dire predictions were likely right. Careful readers and prognosticators actually realized that 2012 was a major turning point and that 2020 would see many world problems more clearly. It seemed a long time until 2020 except that the predictions actually were that changes would be appearing more clearly in 2017. Oops, its now 2017! Look around you in this country and the world: more chaos than peace, more poverty than profit except for the rich who are getting richer, and the fighters are finding more wars to wage. And the North Korea situation is very scary!

So what can we do?  Where can we turn? To You Tube of course. All right, now you think that Phillips has really lost her rocker and the Chatham County Line should stop printing these ridiculous articles!

Well, keep reading. To me this is like a miracle. Jesus and spirit friends named Ananda actually have a You Tube channel and are broadcasting messages of love and hope! Yes, they are actually spirits and actually are reaching out to us on You Tube. Because they are actually residing in the spirit world, they need a collaborator here on earth. That's Tina Louise Spalding who learned how to turn over her human self to Jesus and Ananda and is thus able to tell us their beautiful and encouraging messages from the heavens. Realizing that the world is increasingly in chaos, beginning on July 23 this summer Jesus sent us seven days of beautiful and inspiring messages. We do not need to live in fear when we realize the increasing problems in our country and the world and our limited ability to help.)Let me mention some of the themes delivered to us by Jesus. Day one of this message, "you are here on purpose." The energies of the earth have increased considerably; the energy frequency of life here has actually doubled! While the old systems of life cannot be maintained, it's important for you to walk out of the darkness into light. Actually sunlight and time in nature all help us raise our frequencies and survive in a healthy manner. Day two is entitled "Take Out the Garbage" and gives us ways to take back our minds and focus on: Love, Truth, Forgiveness. The third day discusses "Societal Changes" and lets us know that we are here on purpose. The old systems are crumbling, harming your mind and body now. Jesus states that we can choose: either "love or the devil you know." Day four is about "war", hate and fear, he tells us to think about the fact that there is a war right now in the Middle East. When we think that we battle the bad guys to end war, he lets us know that our battles continue no matter how we attempt to justify them. There was enough abundance on this good planet for all civilizations and all people to live in peace. All wars feed the energy of hatred. "You will receive what you give." Day five is about "Forgiveness" and the true teachings of Jesus which are not religious rules but instead peace and happiness. Day six is to promote life experiences rather than controlling and pacifying your mind with "entertainment" such as TV and movies. We all need to live in real emotions and real relationships without wasting ourselves and virtual realities. Day seven is "Your Blueprint" for the rest of your life. The advice is to train your mind, stop worshiping idols such as money, sex and power and instead develop your path toward true freedom.

On September 2 of this year Jesus addressed the true meaning of the solar eclipse that day. He let us know that we are actually a part of the increased frequency changes in the world and solar systems. Jesus told us that the Earth is a conscious being and the sun and stars are energy systems, not inanimate objects. He details again what he calls the "increases in insanity in your planet." He advocates that you ground yourself with earth energies. The earth is your mother, the sun is your father. He advocates that we thank them and live in love, peace and self nurturance. "The kingdom of heaven is within you in your heart." "You are the light of the world." He recommends that we all study the Course in Miracles to learn to live in this new reality instead of the world of chaos and hatred.

If you have not studied the Course in Miracles, it will take time and energy to learn to live in a life of miracles instead of the chaos and terrorism of the modern world. My confession is that I thought all my spiritual reading had obviated the need to study the Course in Miracles. But now I am beginning my study. If you have not studied this course, I recommend a book "A Course in Miracles made easy." Alan Cohen, 2015. The Course in Miracles was first printed in 1976 developed by to Columbia professors Doctor Helen Schucman and Doctor Bill Thetford, originally and disagreement about life issues. After she found that she began receiving divine messages nightly, this led both of them to agree and come together to produce this book and course. They finalize the book and the next seven years, receiving messages every night and typing the messages the next day. Not an easy way for professors to write a book, and they knew in their hearts they would be contributing not only to knowledge but to peace and love on earth.

Now you know what to do next. Fire up your YouTube, turn on to the Jesus and not Ananda channel and also start your progression to a new life on earth through the Course in Miracles!