Betty W. Phillips, Ph.D., Psychology
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YES, you may not live forever! Reluctantly, you may agree with this statement although you are also experiencing a strong impulse to put down this article and forget about it. If I were advising you about your stock portfolio, or have to tell you how to avoid the flu, you might continue reading. Wouldn't it be more important to know about ETERNITY? You may say, well, it's just about retiring to the graveyard when your spark of life has been extinguished. But you don't know for sure, do you? You probably invest your money; how about investing into your eternal life? I'm not a stockbroker or financial planner. But I have been investing the last 10 years of my life finding about eternal life. As a younger person I invested my time helping others to cope with this world. As I found myself helping my father during the last year of his 93 year life, and as he spoke to Angels and my mother spirit in his last words, I decided to find out about eternal life for myself. Not being a "spring chicken" anymore, and as I saw gray hair sprouting, being a Harvard PhD and I thought an intelligent person, I thought uh-oh, now is the time I'd better look into and invest in eternity. So no matter if you are a financial planner and Wall Street is your comfort plan, you'd better think about "what comes next?

So I'm here to help! I have almost 200 articles on my website,, originally written to help you cope with this life and now designed to introduce you to understanding and preparing for your eternal life. Almost 36 of the articles written in the last several years in the Advice Line section of my website deal with spiritual topics. It took some courage to start writing about eternal life years ago. Now at age 76, I think you can understand that I'm invested in this topic! The articles aren't repetitious. In fact most direct you to other sources and books in addition to giving you my two cents on the topics. (Two cents is other called great advice and directions to other books and spiritual sources.) Not being a spiritual expert or guru, I often direct you to verifiable spiritual sources in addition to advice of my own. If you haven't read the printed articles, you can start wherever you want. However you proceed, do immerse yourself in understanding this great and expanding body of spiritual knowledge so desperately needed in this world of continuing chaos, controversy and war. Some spokespersons for the status quote offer comedy, fiction, gadgets, movies, etc., even virtual reality to capture your attention away from this real world of growing poverty, gathering war clouds, fear of atomic bombs and other delights in our possible future.

In addition to discussing already available reading on your "to do" lists, I want to tell you about a new and exciting discovery I've made on this topic. First though, I want to provide some background because most people equate spirituality with organized religion and then feel like they have to go to a church to find God there and in the Bible. An expert on this issue is of course Jesus. He is in contact with us in many ways these days and tells us that the Bible was developed thousands of years ago and not even written down when he walked the earth. The world was very different then and the words of God changed from oral to written many times. These days Jesus is working double time for us, even appearing on You Tube. Hopefully you've heard his messages and recognize that the You Tube advice is important for us in coping now in 2017.The book I want to tell you about is "The Infinite Way," by Joel S Goldsmith, current edition BN Publishing, 2007, first self published in 1947 by Goldsmith then 55 years of age. Other books by Goldsmith were published after this original book, all related to his spiritual practice of the same Infinite Way philosophy. Please buy this book and put it by your desk or bedside, for its messages are to be contemplated and savored. A few pages at a time will be all you want to read as you add the beautiful words into your heart. After having read many, many spiritual works, I've never encountered as many diverse and heartfelt ways to express spiritual values.

Even in 1947, Goldsmith realize the serious and significant problems facing the world, especially to spiritually minded people. Listen with your heart to the first sentences in the foreword. "There is a way whereby we are able to rid ourselves of sin, sickness, poverty, and the results of wars and economic changes... Down the centuries, the sense of man and the universe as being material has resulted in the development of fear for the personal self and national existence. This will continue and become even more intensified as more destructive material forces are discovered." And that was 1947 and this is now! "The great secret is that despite all belief to the contrary, real power, either for good or evil, does not reside in matter or in the material sense of man and the universe. Those who have acquired some degree of spiritual consciousness have proved in that measure the reality of Spirit." He continues on the next page, "In this small volume, I have written the spiritual truth as I have gleaned it through over 30 years of study of the major religions and philosophies of all ages... Be assured inner peace will come as one turns to the spiritual consciousness of life, and an outer calm will follow in one's human affairs... The authority for all this revelation will be you-- as you yourself experience this change within and without." You will find these experiences as you read and savor each page of this small book. I hope I don't need to tell you more. Goldsmith and his words will follow you into your heart and bring you insights on each page. In all my reading of spiritual writings, I have never seen so many diverse and beautiful words, sentences, paragraphs and pages which follow and proceed as you experience the beauty and power of the real infinite way in the words of this valuable book.

Let me finish with the conclusion of this article now as I know you will want to start reading this book for yourself. The first words in the last chapter lead you into your future. "The former things have passed away" and "all things are becoming new... Whereas I was blind, now I see."

And let me share with you Goldsmith's words from another book advising us to awaken ourselves from sleep each day with these beautiful words, "As the sun beam is one with the sun, so I am one with God."