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If you been reading my articles in the Chatham County Line and even before that in the former version of the Southern Neighbor (now all published in the Reading Room and Advice Line sections of my website), you'll usually find recommendations and references as to which books to read. Read to be happy and content, read to psychoanalyze yourself, read to have a great family life, read to be spiritual, etc.; now over 200 articles for you to read. But there's something I've been missing. A lot of people don't read much anymore unless it's a few words on their trusty version of iPhone. Some just text; obviously not written in standard English. Are there any alternatives?

When I was a tyke, there was a World War going on! We hungered for news. I learned to read as soon as possible and as much as possible. We borrowed books from the library, a big pile of books every week! We listen to the radio. Sometimes our movie theaters had added attractions of black and white news from the battlefront. All of our steel went to the war, so that our toys were made of wood... If we had any toys at all. But there was an interesting bonus for us in this experience. The world got tired of war! (For a while anyway.) So many men had gone to war and too many never returned. Females have more opportunities for education and good jobs. My sisters and I received scholarships for education and are PhD's.

That was a long time ago and now we have lots of "improvements." Most people don't have to read much at all except in their trusty phones or a few words in their Facebooks. Because everything is so abbreviated, many people have even forgotten how to listen. As an old person I can still read, write and listen. And I found out that heaven has been listening to us. Now how do I know that? Our Angels don't send us letters anymore. They just tune in to us. Now you're wondering did they ever write to us? Yes. Check out my article this year describing the Padgett Messages. Jesus and other saints were writing back and forth with Doctor Padgett. We still have the Padgett letters from the early 1900s which we can access and read, but they certainly haven't changed the world.

Okay, this is not a sermon. This article is to call your attention to the fact that Jesus is still here with us and he is broadcasting on You Tube. You don't have to read much, but you do have to listen, think and feel. And of course you need to read at least the startling message in this article; Jesus has found us on You Tube.

The message for today is to tell you to put on your thinking cap and listening ears to tune on to YouTube for the Jesus and Ananda channel. Yes, you can find it easily! Your happiness and your good life here and in the hereafter may depend on it! I recommend starting with a seven day issue that began in July of this year which I discussed in a previous article. But keep posted! Jesus has been tuning in regularly to let us know up to date and important messages to save our life and planet! The most important message is that this planet is beginning the evolution from 3-D to 4-D and eventually to 5-D. What is the Fifth Dimension? (Hint. It's not a singing group.) Dimensions are states of consciousness/levels of reality, and we've been living and "vibrating" in the third dimension. I don't need to tell you about 3-D because we're living here now. Some people feel like they are having experiences in the fourth dimension of increased heart opening an awakening. Life in 40 is seen as more peaceful and less constricted. 5-D is seen as Nirvana. We'll know when we leave 3-D for a better place.

Today I want to recommend actions which you can easily complete. The message is actually to start watching YouTube on the Jesus and Ananda channel from July of this year onward. All of the messages are saved and you can listen in as often as you want. You can even watch earlier messages on this channel, but I'd recommend you start here because now the time has come. Now what do I mean by "the time has come."? Remember back to the year 2012. We were told incredible messages including that time will stop, the world will be cast into darkness, and/or nirvana is here. And then it seemed that nothing had happened. After all this hype and disappointment, where are we now? Keep reading.

Today I don't want you to read my message and be satisfied. The message is actually to start watching YouTube on the Jesus and Ananda channel from July of this year onward. All of the recordings are saved and you can listen in as often as you want. Jesus'message is of course about Love and Peace and how to live as much as possible in this state of mind and life. Jesus told us that 2012 was the start of the change and then nothing happened (as far as we could tell.) Then the spiritual people told us 2020 was actually the major target point with changes starting to be visible and 2017. And now we are here in 2017! And here are Jesus and Ananda making their message so clear that all can listen, understand, and live as much as possible and this new state of being!

In July Jesus made several comprehensive presentations about love and life. If you've been following along here you would already have taken these messages into your life and heart as I described in an earlier article if not, start here. While Tina Louise Spalding and Ananda have been presenting regularly along with Jesus for several years. Jesus appears to be making more frequent appearances beginning during the first seven days in July as we have discussed and then five more occurrences and the rest of July, August and September as follows: Solar Eclipse Meditation; Escalating Energies; Hurricane Irma; Loss Vegas Shooting; Harvey Weinstein Scandal. He is obviously keeping up with the news! Then, interestingly enough, Jesus is telling us that we don't have to spend much time with the regular news such as ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox. We will improve our lives as we avoid the regular canned news and advertisements in tune into the Jesus channel! What will you find on the Jesus channel? He basically tells us the heavenly version, the advice that helps us cope with the problems, anguish and even horror of modern events.

Each messages from Jesus is fairly brief and to the point, 14 to 20 minutes in length. I recommend listening once to each presentation and then taking notes the second time. Am I going to tell you more about the Jesus messages? No, because I'm recommending the messages to you! Of course they are not news stories. You won't find out the steamy facts about the Loss Vegas shooters life or Weinstein's bad escapades. You'll find lessons about love and life. Travel messages? Yes, directions to a new life and directions to your eventual trip to heaven. Another great advantage! You won't be so fascinated with regular news or details about these controversy all and upsetting topics! You'll be on your way to a new life, new values, and less interest in the stuff you hear on the evening news. Jesus lets us know that our minds have been co-opted and controlled so long by media and advertisers that we have lost our freedom to be ourselves and enjoy our lives. On Our New Way, Jesus tells us to reach toward another dimension of joy and freedom!

For a few minutes focus on these words; Joy and Freedom!