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Where Are We Going? And Where are You Going?

Where Are We Going? And Where are You Going?

It's now 2018. Remember the predictions of 2012. Nothing startling happened at that time and people just forgot that important predictions were being made. Not much seem to happen until recently when we realized we are actually in a time of major transitions, most of them increasingly negative, in fact chaotic. Our country, the United States of America, is actually not United. Wherever you look and what ever you read in the papers or see in the news lately, problems seem to multiply chaotically. I will describe some of these problems here. Just note that the top 1% of our USA population now has more of our wealth than the bottom 99%. Understanding the new tax laws and the current government administration of the billionaire class tells us that we are not going anywhere except into more inequality, more hardship and possible poverty as we age. There is even talk (but thankfully no action yet) about reductions and Social Security and Medicare as we age. And if you are a young reader, it's possible there will be no benefits at all in your future. No problem, you say, if you are in the top 1% of the population which is being taken care of by your rich compatriots.

I'm not just writing this to depress you. Just to wake you up from year Twitters and IPhones to plan for your future as well as your present life. For additional reading in these areas, note that I also wrote a comprehensive article on the issues of wealth and poverty in America published on this website in the Advice Line section.

If you read my last Chatham County Line article of 2017, you will remember that I said you don't have to read any books. It's true that you don't have to read books anymore. I call your attention to the messages from Jesus and Ananda on their YouTube channel posted by Tina Louise Spalding. Jesus and Ananda are formidable and loving commentators but they currently do not walk the earth. They are important messages continue and are worthy of your attention. The Spirit World is teaching us that the world changes foretold in 2012 are escalating now in these changes are not pleasant or enjoyable unless we reach a more spiritual level of development.

We humans seem to have a predilection or habit of believing that we will continue forever on this earth or even and heavenly realms. We have the idea that we will either "rest in peace" sometime in the future or enjoy a glorious heavenly reunion with family, friends and angelic beings. But that future seems a long long time away and we push aside our hopes and fears. Even when we are able to lay away some goods and finances for our future, deep down we fear that this future can and will come for us in a frightening way. We carry to stash this thought away in the deep recesses of our minds as we reach for our new iPhones and contact our friends on twitter.

If you are reading this article, and hopefully you still are, you are among the people who actually think rationally and are still reading, not just twittering. Why not explore your future now more fully, even your future after you leave this earth and begin your ascent into your future afterlife. (Or as I prefer to call it when you return to your Eternal Life!) For most people there is nothing to fear and everything to look forward to. If you think you are a sinner and are afraid, there is time now to "clean up your act." The clear message of Paternal Life is forgiveness. There is actually a body of knowledge and literature about our Eternal Life. Medium spend lots of time roaming around Eternal Life in their minds and sometimes also write about what they have found. In my last Chatham County article I did write that you don't have to read books. But you CAN read books! My readers know I couldn't and wouldn't stop writing about books! Many spiritual books are written about Scripture and a lot of that information originated thousands of years ago. Those holy words were transmitted orally for years and years. But times have changed! I'm not wanting to invalidate these holy Scriptures, but I'd like to call your attention to new sacred authorities to learn their recent input from spiritual sources. After all, life goes on, and Eternal Life continues, and why not contact current authorities about Eternal Life issues as they exist today? In the Advice Line section of my website there are many books and sources referenced about Eternal Life. Amazon lists thousands of spiritual books. So I decided to spend some time with the most current and accurate reports about Eternal Life.

Many current reporters on the Eternal Life "beat" as I stated are actually mediums. I decided to refer you to one of the most verified and very highly respected sources, Roberta Grimes, some of those books I've referenced recently. Please read those Grimes books which you have not had a chance to complete. Start with the Fun of Dying, 2015, Liberating Jesus, 2015, Growing Forever, 2016, Staying in Touch, 2016, and the book for children Meeting Jesus, 2017, all published by Christine Anderson. When you have read and understood these books, you will be ready to continue your reading in the spiritual area. You will want to find and continue your own tour of Eternal Life. If you are a serial reader as I am, you'll know that Amazon provides you with lots of follow-up sources similar to the books you picked out. Amazon is an extremely helpful source because it provides book reviews from experts and lots of current readers. And be sure to continue to follow Jesus and Ananda on YouTube for the most current information direct to you from heaven. So let's follow this trail of information about Eternal Life until you get a chance to visit yourself! YOU WILL!