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A Child's Questions! And Some Answers!

Long, long, long time ago, I was a little girl. I had big questions, though. Where is Heaven? Where does God live? I would look up and see the stars but I couldn't see heaven. Why not? People said, "just believe." Believe what? My mother took me to the library and I gained access to the adult section. I read and read-but no answers. Being smart in reading, I went to Brown University and then a PhD from Harvard. But where were the answers and where is heaven? Grown-ups said, "just believe." But now finally some answers are coming through. If you still have questions, and I hope you do, I'm doing my part to help bring you answers. And more than answers, I know we will all go there someday: heaven!

This month I had another article in mind... Until I came across a "must read" book about Eternal Life. Even though you don't think about it often, you will be exiting your body at some point. When you don't need your body anymore, you will want a roadmap to your next destination. Although I have a AAA card to use if you get stuck on the road. It won't help if you are sending from your last remains and need directions. "Fellow travelers" are a great resource, even though, in this case, the person reporting in this book was a 20-year-old male. Turns out he had an esteemed medical doctor as a mother and lots of family love to help propel him to the right place. And once there in his eternal life, he has chosen to help others – us – ascend to the beautiful place of love in the heavenly realms.  The book is "My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven." Erik and Eliza Medhus, Simon and Schuster, 2015. (Amazon review, 4.6 out of five stars, 333 reviews.) If you are at all curious about the "After Life" or "Eternal Life", you will read an incredible amount of beautiful and helpful advice about your and my final destination.
Before you start reading I must advise you of a possible problem... That is, if you are as old as I am or have an adverse reaction to certain words considered offensive to us elders. It is a four letter word starting with the letter F. Younger males tend to use it frequently. As Erik was 20 when he died, he did use this word in this book. I managed to get past this practice and so can you if you continue reading.

I'll give you the background. This young man, in desperation due to mental illness, shot himself and died immediately. Assisted by heavenly helpers, he was healed there as a spirit guide with a strong continued connection to his earth family. You'll want to read how that happened and how his mother has helped him develop spiritually and connect back to earth through a talented medium. In this book and on his mother's website, "Channeling Eric", he gives us fascinating information about the afterlife. Of course he does regret his suicide and councils the reader against this action. As a spirit guide he is now proud that he is assisting young people in avoiding suicide as he should have done.As you will sometime travel to this heavenly destination, you'll be curious about what happens there and how you would cope with your new eternal life. Erik provides us with lots of fascinating detail! He is very interested in assisting earth people for several reasons, one based on his regret for his manner of leaving (shooting himself in his bedroom) and also his close ties to his earth family.You'll want to read this book with its extensive and fascinating descriptions of life as the spirit, starting with the blow-by-blow description of his journey from earth to heaven. He starts by telling us step-by-step as floating as a ball of light, realizing that he no longer had body parts, traveling through a white light and silver mist, feeling beauty and joy, being greeted by deceased earth relatives and escorted to his life review to help him understand himself and ask for forgiveness from the suicide. He was able to see his life unfolding before him, learning from his choices, understanding how we're all connected and that we hurt others as we hurt ourselves. Erik learned compassion and forgiveness in his new eternal life. Erik's language remains descriptive and also human: for example the life review he said was like a "spiritual carwash." Also because of his suicide, he was then guided immediately into therapy to deal with this problem. Erik learned the language of heaven: listen to your heart and live in love.

Reading this book, you'll learn about everything Erik observed: heavenly animals, evolving plants and trees, beautiful landscapes, crystalline cities, music shows, cities with ornate spires reaching to the sky, lecture halls, libraries with knowledge more complete and accessible than on earth. In the library you can learn about everything and anything by merging with the energy of the book to provide its information. Transportation is never needed in heaven as you just have to think where you want to go and you will be there. In heaven Erik described feeling joy, being on cloud nine, completely connected to everything, absorbing bliss. All living creatures and plants can be found there. All are equals to the humans and all connected together. People have spirit jobs themselves. Eric tells us how he enjoyed being a spirit guide and helping others. He described a fascinating process of dividing himself through his heart consciousness to split into many others to assist them. There's really too much to tell you so you'll have to read the book for yourself. Just breeze past the occasional  F words and teenage slang. Erik does not tell us about heavenly levels above the entry level, likely because he shares his interest in heaven with continued contact with the earth family he left too soon. Nevertheless you will receive a valuable description of the first levels in heaven. In fact most books about heaven do not take us past the first level even though there are multiple additional levels moving toward the consciousness of God and Jesus. You may recall an article about the Padgett letters I published some months ago. In that article these writers let us know the existence of ever-increasing spiritual beauty and power in the multiple heavenly realms. In this book Erik provides us fascinating information about the first level of heaven. When you arrive there yourself you'll be provided information about how to continue your spiritual development. Meanwhile you can continue visiting with Erik through his mother's blog, "Channeling Erik." Erik is a featured writer there!

Next time, when you look up at the stars, know there are wonderful places there to behold!

Thank you for reading this wonderful book.

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