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Most of us do care, but why read THIS BOOK? It's copyright was 21 years ago! Yes, things do change over the years, but every soul, including you, continues to face the question of eternal life. So, if you will be stuck around here eternally, you might want a ticket to heaven instead of undesirable places! I started to become interested in this topic as I helped my beloved father during his transition, I held his hand and felt the presence of Angels. That's enough about this history for this article, but there's a great deal of spiritual information in the Advice Line section of my website starting with the revelations I began to receive at that time.

"An Interview with on Angel," Thayer and Nathanson, Dell Publishing, 1997, includes important information sent to us by a representative of the angelic realm, an Angel called Ariel. If you, like me, choose to browse through Amazon for books about the spirit world, you won't find a book like this anywhere else actually dictated by a real Angel. It does not matter that the publication date was 21 years ago. While life experiences and current events change frequently, we continue to be eternal spirits guided by the Angels who watch over us. Ariel brings information from the very highest angelic realm to help us understand the meaning and purpose of all life on earth as well as the power of divine love. Wow! Yes. Wow is an appropriate response. You will want to understand how to live your life today until you face your Judgment Day and find your eternal place in the universe.

First you will want to understand about Ariel and this book. Is the source of information valid? A North Carolina professor Dr. Alfred S Alschuler has provided an authoritative background information section for this book after his 20 years of research on "inner voices." In the second section of this book Ariel speaks through the first author, Stevan Thayer, an electrical engineer who became an interface minister and found himself able to speak through the Angel Ariel. The second author Linda Nathanson, a PhD trained research psychologist conducted and recorded the interviews. The 350 pages of text in this book are representative of the work of dedicated and highly trained professionals as you will discover as you pour through the pages of this fascinating book.

Dr. Alschuler provided us of scholarly analysis of the history of "inner voices" which have been received and recorded for more than 3000 years before this time. He tells us that "Prophets from Abraham and Moses to Ezekiel and Jeremiah, later Mohammed, all resisted then proclaimed, "Thus saith the Lord." Dr. Alschuler's comprehensive analysis provided in the first 76 pages describes the examples of apparently spiritual voices as well as those recorded in our history from demented historical persons such as Hitler. Hitler was "fanatically obedient to his inner voice and demanded the same unthinking loyalty to him... In "strict servitude... To this evil inner voice." Dr. Alschuler's work consisted of a careful analysis of this entire phenomenon ending with a recommendation that aerials messages recorded in this book's dialogue with Dr. Nathanson ""reflect the best of inner teaching." Dr. Alschuler also provided seven pages of detailed references you can use to overview the this topic. This analysis does remind us that the widely respected Course in Miracles was dictated by an inner voice of Jesus over seven years to to Columbia University professors. Dr. Alschuler's analysis does support the experiences of the research psychologist Nathanson and her careful recording of information received through Ariel. Reading this book you will be able to judge the sincerity and objectivity of these researchers and transferring carefully worded information to help improve our lives.

Steven Thayer was the recipient of the spiritual messages from Arielle with Linda Nathanson as the questioner and transcriber of the information. Linda described herself as a "nonreligious, Jewish, research psychologist." When Linda began questioning the process, Ariel replied, "we find it humorous that you would ask us if we would be willing to do what it is that we choose you to do." The team of three worked together for two years. Ariel answered questions independently but chose topics and avoided the few that she saw as irrelevant to this article. After the question-and-answer process concluded the human authors hd the information transcribed and publish as we can see it today.

Ariel's words are offered to us to respond to "human desire to satisfy its growing hunger for spiritual knowledge within the soul" combining human free will "the ability to freely guide yourself in your own path toward your own destiny" with "divine will which works to guide you." You will want to read all the fascinating information as it unfolded in the eight sections Arielle provided to us. As this is a lengthy book, I'll just mention a few quotations from each section as you would want to read all the rest of the information provided in each section.

Angelic Life (Anatomy of on Angel, Close encounters) Ariel explains the inexplicable to us, angelic life and the unity of life. She tells us about Angels, "there has never been a time before which we did not exist, and there will never be a time after we do not exist. The term Angel, as you apply it, is used to denote a vibration beyond the normal human experience. It is used to denote one which is closer to God than to the human experience." The energy of this realm is available to everyone. There are more than enough (call them Angels, guides, helpers, guardians) to serve, help and teach every single person on the planet, and 100 times that many. But only those people who are ready, who have grown, who have open, can be reached. Some of us have had experiences with Angels assuming human form. Ariel explained that "of the ones who have had the human experience, many remember a great deal of it and know the limitations of the human form.)

Life Passages (Marriages; divorce; career; death; suicide; birth.) Regarding death: "the one thing you get to take with you when you leave the physical body is all the love you had gathered during your life." Also witness to the tunnel to heaven described it as "absolutely brilliant. The level of love was indescribable... Like a state of love and joy at the same time." Regarding suicide. Suicide is perhaps one of the saddest experiences of the human condition. The pain, the suffering that we see inside the consciousness of one who quite so fears death that he takes his own life to avoid his fear, is very very difficult to witness."

Life on Earth. (Health Homosexuality, Tragedy, Environment, Animals and Plants, Law; Visionaries; Tradition; Prayer.) "The method by which one finds the path to meeting… God is unimportant; the meeting is all that matters." 
Extraterrestrial Life. (Visitation; Contact.) Regarding our interest in contacting terrestrials, Ariel tells us, "you cannot even extend a hand of friendship to each other on your own planet, so it is unreasonable to expect that you could welcome these life forms that you label as aliens. The truth is that you are not ready. The vibration, the spiritual evolution of the entire system, the Earth indeed, the animals and the humans that abide on it are not ready to extend the openness of heart, the consciousness or the deeply loving embrace that is needed to welcome such connections to other and indeed higher forms of intelligent life."

Our Selves. Many of us are wondering about the concepts of karma and past lives. This section contains information many of us would like to understand. There is a great deal of promising information but let's look at the problems of karma. Here's a summary sentence. "Those who put out energy of cheating or stealing, those who judge or criticize, punish or condemn, do so at the expense of having that energy returned to them, and they become recipients of these same forces. Those who put out good, gentleness and compassion, who were helpful, and do indeed receive in return the energy of that same vibration and quality."
Unseen Universe. (Time, Heaven and Hell; Soul; The Unity; The Search for God.)  This is a very important section including many of life's mysteries. Yes they are unseen, not directly observable but very important as we find our way between birth and death. One important guideline was stressed: the 10 Commandments as an important guidepost in following the path to the heaven. You already know this but you will want to read this section even though, as Ariel explained, humans have no real way to understand this within the framework of our lives.

Reading this section will, however, be transformative as you can use the information to make life choices bringing you closer to God. The states of heaven and hell actually begin during our lives – so, listen up, as your deathbed will be too late for you to choose! The path to heaven is not religious piety or "holier than thou" experiences. The road to hell is "a state of disconnection from the divine! where "fear is the predominant force. Drugs and chemicals that attempts to numb fear, serve only to temporarily suspend the spiritual training in your soul's journey. The search for God is all important as we move through life. Both religion and science attempt to understand that which cannot be understood. Unfortunately some people become lost in the system or the religion and, as a result, it becomes God to them! The goal is to know God."

Biblical Life. (Jesus Christ; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Exodus) Ariel describes the reasons for the existence of Jesus Christ and his continued presence in assisting mankind. Ariel explained that Jesus lived a life of forgiveness "from a state of such love through unity with God that the need to separate, judge and condemn was absent." Arial tells us to avoid our tendency to focus on spiritual or religious knowledge or details but instead the message is "the embodiment of the total state of love."

Return to Eden. At the end of your life you will be called home. Ariel writes us about Jesus and "the presence of Angels of this realm surrounding you... to help others and serve the divine." In this section Ariel stresses the importance of Jesus and love in your life today. "The process of building faith is indeed the process of your journeying home. You are created in the likeness of Love. God is the energy of love. Keep all this information in your Heart!"

POSTSCRIPT to this article. When you read this book, you will know that the words of Ariel were both too comprehensive and also too erudite to have originated from any human. The unwavering focus on spiritual love in this book leads to the conclusion that these messages are from a cosmic and spiritual source beyond mankind. Until now the most respected spiritual source has been the Bible, despite the fact of its origins in antiquity. We should be impressed that the spiritual world is continuing to attempt to educate mankind into spiritual love. Even one reading of a newspaper will convince us that the human world needs more spiritual help!