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Choosing a Therapist

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You have the power and freedom of choice. You should choose a therapist who recognizes and promotes your freedom in choosing a therapist. A good therapist will also recognize your right to background information about that therapist as well as your right to discontinue if the first session or sessions are not comfortable or helpful to you. If you are uncertain about the therapist, request a free initial consultation to obtain background information and assess compatibility with the therapist.

Consider the following therapist characteristics in making your choice:

*client-centered approach, considers your needs and goals
*personal, empathetic connection with you
*maturity of approach
*promotes client self-improvement and personal growth
*compassionate understanding
*comprehensive professional training
*years of experience in field
*continued professional education
*non-judgmental of alternative lifestyles
*expertise with your issues
*compatible approach
*holistic understanding of professional issues
*good role model
*responsible, including returning calls and scheduling
*flexible approach
*open to new information and client point of view
*prioritizes privacy and confidentiality
*provides references and resource materials
*networks with professionals for ancillary services
*understands client needs for comfortable environment
*provides beauty in office environment
*office accessibility
*flexibility in scheduling
*files insurance for clients
*adjusts fees when possible
*proven track record with other clients

This web site provides background information about Dr. Phillips which will be helpful to you in choosing a therapist with these characteristics.

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