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NOTICE  of change in publishing.  All my articles will be published in the Chatham County Line and no longer in the Southern Neighbor.  All the previous Southern Neighbor articles will remain in this section.  Refer to the Advice Line section for new articles.

Tools for Happiness, February 2014

Finding Happiness in a Difficult World

Happiness in the Second Half of Life

Loving Kindness Meditation Update

Crying on the Path to Happiness

BOREDOM! Boredom Blocks Happiness

Update on Marriage Skills and Marriage Counseling

THRIVE: The World is Waking Up

Peaceful Restorative Sleep

Peaceful Restorative Sleep: Additional Information

The Power of Positive Words

The Joy of Being: The Bond

Good News!

Good Health is a Path to Happiness

Empathy and Compassion

Self Improvement

The Battle for Happiness

Another Path to Happiness

Happiness Now!

Can You Achieve Happiness? I Think I Can!

Achieving Happiness with Positive Thinking: Do You Really Know Pollyanna?

Achieving Happiness

"All you need is love..."

Light Up Your Life

Why Settle For Less Than Happiness?

The Good Life: Positivity

Lead With Your Heart

Do "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? ... The Importance of Personal Boundaries

Power Up, Boundaries Part II

The Secret Called Forgiveness

Forgiveness, Part II


Learning Marriage Skills: An Approach to Premarital and Marital Counseling.


II. Do YOU have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

III. Good News for ADD!!

IV. More Good News for ADD !!

V. Marriage Counseling, Coaching and ADD.

Treat Your Marriage Like Your Teeth!

Keeping Your Love Alive



Jingle Bells: Do You Have Time to Listen? Coping With Holiday Stress

Let's Laugh!

Teasing: Just Joking?

When the Going Gets Tough: Be Kind to Yourself! Coping with Guilt and Shame

Let's Plan a Vacation!

SELF ESTEEM I: Have You Met Your Internal Critic?

SELF ESTEEM II: Let the Sunshine In and Banish the Internal Critic

SELF ESTEEM III: Fighting the Internal Critic

Do Crazy People Need Shrinks?

Happy New Year: Are You?

New Years Resolutions: Self-Improvement

Panic Attacks: Can You Cope?

Double Your Problems!!

Mind Over Mood

Can You Manage Your Anger? Learn to Cope, not Explode

Take Control of Your Anger

Introduction to Assertiveness

Assertiveness: A Life Skill

Sleep for Health

Sleep for Health, Part II

Dreams and Nightmares; Changing Unwanted Dreams, Parts I and II

Protection Against Victimization

Beating the Winter Slump

Psychology of Happiness, Part I

Psychology of Happiness, Part II

Optimism: An Introduction to a Happier Life

Overcoming Blockages to Happiness

Optimism and Happiness

Self Care

Introduction to Assertiveness

Coping with Grief, Loss, Suicide

How to Argue and Stay Married

Rebuilding your Marriage

New Year's Resolution: A Good Marriage

Marriage Counseling: For Us?

Do You Listen to Your Spouse?

Marital Conflict: Search for the Guilty

Mind Reading in a Good Marriage


Our Marriage: For Better Or Worse

Warning Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity: What About the Children?

Infidelity Discovered: What Next?

Forest Garden in the Spring

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Forest Garden in the spring

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